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AleHorn Common Questions

AleHorn is a drinking horn company that produces fine handcrafted items for modern barbarians. AleHorn proudly provide adventure seekers a taste of fun and fantasy. We strive to be the best and dominate the horn market globally.

When AleHorn first started, many people still thought of drinking horns as costume pieces that you might buy at a Renaissance faire. While we do love Renaissance faires (a lot), we thought it was time to bring drinking horns to a wider audience.

The horns are made out of 100% real and authentic bovine horns. They are ethically sourced as the Ox are used for meat purposes and typically the horns are ground into fertilizer. We simply repurpose the horns to honor the animal and allow the animals spirit to live on in a fun way.

All horns are 100% ethically sourced from Indian (and other parts of Asia) domesticated livestock raised for human consumption (food). In India, they raise water buffalo and ox-like we (in the US) raise cows. They are used for food, leather goods, milk, etc. The horns are usually discarded or ground up and sold for use as fertilizer or feed while a very small percentage get to be made into unique crafts like drinking horns.

Yes, we engrave most items we sell. Visit our Custom Engraving page for more details.

Start your custom journey with us today! Connect with our enthusiastic team by chatting with us directly on our website or sending an email to You can also conveniently use the form at the bottom of this page.

To give you a quick guide –
Our custom images range from $15-$50. This depends on the intricacy of your chosen design. We're happy to provide an accurate quote for any personal design ideas you might have.
Adding text to an existing image is only an extra $5.00 USD per line.
Opting for a text-only design? That's $15 for the first line, and just $5 for each line thereafter.
Spice up your design with a color inlay, available at $5 per item. We offer an array of colors from classic black and white to vibrant hues. For more complex or intricate designs, we'll provide a personalized quote. Please note a maximum of 20 characters per line of text for optimal visibility.

Unlock the door to your unique Viking adventure with AleHorn – where customization meets quality and heritage!

For any item that is engraved, regardless if it is a custom order or bought through the sigil or Viking builders, we need time to engrave the design for you. Getting the design right takes time and depends on various factors such as intricacy of the design, current demand, supply, and other factors. Creations times are in addition to shipping times and can run anywhere between 3 and 15 days. We publish the current creation times on each page (where applicable) and will let you know the current turn times in every custom order request. We make every effort to meet or exceed the quote given, but turnaround times may be extended without notice due to high demand and unforeseen circumstances.

Right now, no. We do ensure that the size/volume/weight are all within tolerances of each size selected, so all large horns will be similar in size. However, we cannot guarantee colors, patterns, etc.

No, you can only use 1 promo code per order.

All horns are solid and sturdy but some of the handles and places where the horn has been manipulated may be a bit less resilient to impacts and stress. We recommend you treat your horn with care.

Our products are made from natural materials so there is some care involved to ensure a long and enjoyable product life. We recommend you:
•Avoid dishwashers and microwaves, we recommend you hand wash them whenever you clean it.
•Do not use it for hot liquids, unless you have a coffee horn.
•Avoid contact with strong solvents, detergents, and/or chemicals
•Avoid sharp objects as the horn surface can scratch
•Towel dry your horn immediately after washing
•Avoid temperature swings as this can cause the horn to crack
•Keep out of extreme heat or cold

Since the products are from real horn they can sometimes have a stink. We try our best to resolve this before shipping to you however fluctuations in temperature and shipping and sometimes shake up the drinking horns causing them to stink a bit.

Easy solution.
•Wash with warm soapy water, allow to air dry.
•Once dry, sprinkle dry baking soda inside horn overnight.
•Repeat 2-3 days or as necessary
•Inviting some deep dark beer or ale in your horn can only help.

For stocked inventory (non-customized items) and Sigil/Viking builder items we offer flat rate shipping on all orders no matter how many items you purchase. Various shipping speed options exist including – Standard, Expedited, and Priority. Rates tend to change so please view items in your cart to get an accurate quote.

For custom orders, shipping costs are calculated based on the volume and shipping weight of the items ordered. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

Contact us – we will work with you to make it right. Review our return policy for more info.

Most small leaks originate where the horn meets the base of the mug. Horn is natural and wants to expand/contract while the base is more rigid and tends to not want to move at all. When there are variations in temperature and/or pressure, this can cause the horn to expand/contract and “move away” from the base which in turn can ultimately leads to leaks.

Fortunately, there is a simple fix.

Nail hardener or generic superglue works best – both bond well and are safe to use once cured.

Find the area where the leak is coming from by adding water.

Once the leak is identified, apply some nail hardener/glue to affected area on the outside

On the inside, do the same. You may need to use a Precision Applicator if you have huge paws and cannot reach inside the mug/horn.

Let the glue cure for a couple of hours or use a UV light to speed up the process.

Sand down the excess with fine grit sandpaper until smooth.

Good as new! Click here for
the video on YouTube.

Shipping from our warehouse in Tempe, Arizona can take somewhere between 1-2 days processing and 3-8 days shipping time typically based on carriers.

Some engraved orders may take up to 7-10 days (During holidays it can be up to 14 days, however rare.
Jewelry usually takes 3-5 days.
Apparel (Tee shirts, etc) Can take up to 10 days to reach you.

We sometimes use Amazon as a shipping and fulfillment center so delivery times listed on the site should be fairly accurate. Please allow 1 day for processing.

If you are a PRIME customer, you can also order directly from our Amazon store for even faster delivery.

Yes, we can now ship anywhere. Your shipping fees will be calculated at checkout. If you are requesting a quote on custom engraving, we will need your country and postal code in order to get you an accurate shipping quote.

If you have a US Military address, we also ship to that, just make sure to select USPS as courier when you create your order.
International shipping may have additional costs based on the following:
-Type of Product
-Cost of Product
-Destination (It may include certain taxes)
-Weight is also a factor
These may not all be included upon checkout since most international carriers only calculate bills upon scanning the item(s). Custom duties and taxes are not covered.

AleHorn offers a 97-year warranty on all of our major products when you register your product using your order number. Most horn products fall under warranty. Here is the entire list of eligible products, you can register for our 97-year warranty.

Apparel, Jewelry, and most other accessories do not fall under warranty. Including stands, holsters, leather products, dice, beard and grooming, blades, and bottle openers.

The products that fall under warranty are all major horn products, as listed:


- Any Engraved AleHorn
- Large, XL, XXL Premium Tankards
- Large, XL Grand Ox Mugs - Oak Bottom
- All Coffee "Hot" Horns
- Large, XL (polished or natural) Grand Curved Horns
- Large, XL Valhalla Ox Horns
- Whisky Horn Cup
- Mead Cup
- XXL Burnt Tankard
- Shot glass horn, horn shot
- The White Whale
- XL Viking Gjallarhorn (sounding horn)
- Skull of Enemies Mug
- Toasting horns, toasting horns 4 pack
- Norse Power Horns
- Large drinking horn tumbler
- Water Buffalo Tankard
- Berserker Monster Horn
- Medium Drinking Horn


- Viking Deluxe Carbon Steel Wall Art

AleHorn offers a 97-year warranty on all of our major products (listen in the tab above) when you register your product using your order number.

Go here to register your AleHorn product/s.

Upon purchase of an AleHorn product you should receive an email that says:

"AleHorn Order #33497 confirmed"

Searching in your email for this will reveal your order number you can use on any major AleHorn products. In order to be eligible for replacement products due to malfunction or loss of integrity. you can also chat with our customer service team or send us and email where we can find your order number.

Of course!

If you are inquiring about bulk / wholesale prders...

We are happy to speak to you about this. We can customize most products for you. Simply fill out the form here and we will get back to you shortly.


These horns are awesome!!!! We just
received the XXL tankard and it’s huge. The colouring is beautiful and the structure is solid with no leaks.

The customer service is also great!! Plus, there is a guarantee on their products, so if it springs a leak it's covered! We highly recommend these, and will continue to buy from AleHorn!
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Dave V.

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my Husband, to say he loved it is an understatement. It was his favorite gift I believe his words were "Excellent craftsmanship a true time machine to days gone by".

Would highly recommend this product. I bought one myself.

Dani M.

One of my best buys! My friends are always jealous when I bring out the big horn to cook outs.

Thor Hammerfist