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The Vikings loved these.
You will too!

The Vikings loved these. We know you will too.

AleHorn Viking drinking horn tankard with beer spilling out of it
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One piece of horn

Seamlessly forged with one piece of livestock certified natural ox horn. Skillfully heated and perfectly molds to your grip.

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Safe for consumption

Each horn is lined with a top of the line food-safe sealant to protect your horn, your body, your gut and your drink's taste.

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Strong and sturdy

Double reinforced for strength and insulated to keep drinks cooler longer. Perfectly flat base to erase spillage.

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As seen on TV. 

We've been featured on AMC, Comedy Central, SyFy, History channel and more. Viking horns have been featured on shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings

Take it on your next adventure

From the living room to the game room to the fire pit

Risk Free

The AleHorn is a tried and true favorite of ours. If you don't like it, return within 30 days for your money back!

Cruelty Free

These are real, authentic ox horns. The cattle is used for meat and we're turning the horns into something that connects you to nature instead of boring fertilizer.

Lifetime Warranty

We're not going to let your horns break or leak, so if you have any problems with them just bring it back and we'll replace the whole thing!