With or without a holster, this product takes craftsmanship and authenticity to an entirely different level that makes any party more "bahghel" (viking term meaning environment suitable for winning high praise)
Built to withstand the vicious tunes of old Norse drinking songs, Valhalla’s Ox Horn can help you get in touch with your inner Viking.
Valhalla Drinking Ox Horn (With Strap)
Valhalla Drinking Ox Horn (With Strap)
For your convenience, we sell a wide variety of stands and holsters for this curved horn.
Valhalla Ox Horns are basically a Viking drinking horn with a twist. On top of being easily the coolest looking horns on the market, these curved beauties also hold up to two times more of your favorite beverage than any other shaped horn or tankard of this size!

Valhalla Drinking Ox Horn (With Strap)

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*This Horn Comes With A Leather Belt Buckle Strap


1 Premium 20 0z. (approx) curved AleHorn -
our #1 quality horn
1 Leather Holster
 -attached to your belt

Welcome to Valhalla...

You will love this Premium Polished Valhalla horn because it is, without doubt, the most sturdy and beautiful of the curved Viking style horns. Your friends will envy you.

These huge, polished, and ethically sourced Ox horn has all of the beauty of nature built right into the grain and color of the product. Though each horn is totally unique and different, they all have a black and white pattern that your eyes crave.

The smooth patterns and textures are something you will find soothing as you run your fingertips down the side. This horn is perfect for adventures out with your friends or nights out by the fire.

You won't want to miss out on these premium and limited edition horns with perfect finish and an extra food-safe sealant. Backed by our 97-year lifetime warranty we promise the product will delight you for years to come.

Most Important Thing To Know: This horn does not include a stand or holster. you will need to bundle it***

  • Height: XL Approx 20" 
  • Capacity: XL Approx 20 Oz. liquid
  • Color: Beautiful milky white and black streaks (100% natural)
  • Weight: 1.75 / 2.25 pounds without additions (undressed)
  • Product Material: Real & ethically sourced quality ox horns
  • Wall: The thickness is approx 1/4 inch
  • Assembly: leather strap attachment

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Fun conversation starter. Customer service is some of the best I've experienced as well.

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When it arrived, I put it into my hand and it was honestly the most comfortable drinking vessel I've ever held in my life. The contours of the horn itself, paired with the curved handle, let it mold right into my own hand shape.

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