Skull of Enemies Stainless Steel Mug

Limited Edition Skull Mug!

Now, drink from the skulls of your enemies!

If you’ve never drunk from the skulls of your enemies you now can with this multifunctional 
skeleton skull figurine.

Perhaps you don’t need to drink from the skull yet this multifunctional artificial resin skull can be used as a head flower pot or tabletop storage tan.

The perfect skull replica skeleton model is often used for enjoying any cool liquid including our own honey mead. Lays on any flat surface perfectly.

Dimensions: 4 inches round open top skull bowl/mug

  • Color: White, off white, black, silver
  • Weight:1 pound/s
  • Capacity:200 ml / 6.75 oz.
  • Product Material: Artificial resin skull (food safe), Stainless Steel
  • Uses:decor, drinking mug, mead mug, bar ornament

    ** Avoid hot and boiling liquids