Modern Barbarian Viking Beard Oil

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Bristle up and get ready for an all-natural, lightweight formula that will give your Viking beard a shine it can only dream of. Plus the fresh citrus scent is sure to awaken the senses even more!

This Viking Beard Oil has been formulated with 100% natural ingredients from around the world; Jojoba, Avacado, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil- so you know this won't have any harsh chemicals in it (and we're not talking about just goatees either!). This means there's no need anything else artificial in your Viking beard. The light weight base gives immediate softness while moisturizing properties ensure protection against dry skin on your face and neckline too!Vitamin E and jojoba nourish and strengthen your beard naturally
  • Jojoba, Avacado, and Argan Oil provide natural nourishment for your beard
  • 2 oz. container is more than double the size of most beard oils

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