Large Natural Drinking Horn Tumbler

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Because every bar needs tumblers, we decided to make a natural large drinking horn cup without a handle. Rustic and fantastic, this tumbler isn’t the one you’ll see at a packed bar at happy hour. This one is for quiet moments enjoying hearth and home, for clanking heartily against the horns of your friends and family while waiting for the roast to come out of the oven. In designing this cup, our focus was the simplicity of nature.

The inside walls are fully polished, but the outer walls are only slightly polished to give a more natural look and feel.  We wanted the rough scars of the horn’s beastly life to shine through so we could reflect on nature’s awful chaos while enjoying the fermented gift of the gods.   The natural horn walls surround a solid acrylic base. Each cup bears a slight belly-shaped natural curve, but no two cups will ever be the same size, shape, or color. The cup feels heavy in the hand, but the textured finish lends a good grip. The sealed and durable tumblers are all fully engravable through our site.

Large Drinking Horn Tumbler Features

  • No two horns are alike. Actual horn pattern may vary from the unit pictured
  • Made from 100% natural horn with an acrylic base
  • Natural, slightly polished exterior finish with smooth and sealed interior walls
  • Sealed and suitable for cool liquids
  • Horn cups are approximately 6″ tall with a 3″ wide base, tapering up to the rim that can be up to 4″ wide.
  • Holds approx 10-12 oz. cool liquids

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