AleHorn Viking Coffee - Ashes of My Enemies Signature Blend (1 lb.)

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AleHorn's Signature Blend ground coffee is a velvety smooth dark roast, comparable to some of the best coffee's you've had, yet Viking style. We select beans from around the world (Brazil, Honduras) and roast them to the perfect level of flavor that will leave you in awe. Our bold Viking brew has hints of smokiness with a deep richness; it’s something everyone can enjoy! The result is a bold, aromatic brew, deep and rich,  with hints of smokiness.     

✅  High Quality: Our master roaster ethically sources the best coffee beans and then carefully roasts them to produce some of the most flavorful java in town.

✅  Artisanal Roasting: I did not know how to drink coffee before I tried ours. This traditional Italian roasting process is unlike anything else, and it's addicting!

✅  Amazing Taste: This coffee is a delicious and exotic blend of ground beans from Brazil and Honduras

☕ All coffee is roasted to order in New York and is guaranteed to be delivered FRESH in bags of 16 oz. (1 lb)! 

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