Drinking from a horn
makes you Powerful

Take it on your next adventure

From the living room to the game room to the fire pit

Risk Free

The AleHorn is a tried and true favorite of ours. If you don't like it, return within 30 days for your money back!

Cruelty Free

These are real, authentic ox horns. The cattle is used for meat and we're turning the horns into something that connects you to nature instead of boring fertilizer.

Lifetime Warranty

We're not going to let your horns break or leak, so if you have any problems with them just bring it back and we'll replace the whole thing!

Only suitable  for brave warriors

Over 155,000+ strong


"When it arrived, I put it into my hand and it was honestly the most comfortable drinking vessel I've ever held in my life. The contours of the horn itself, paired with the curved handle, let it mold right into my own hand shape."


"A perfect mug for any occasion but best used to drink the blood of your enemies after a long day of raiding. Be the best barbarian you can be and get yourself one of these bad boys today."


"If you are looking for an item to be used well in a man cave, for cosplay as a viking or dwarf or just to have a fun earthy drinking vessel, then this company can set you up. It is worth the money and the company stands behind its products."