Let the Viking in You Come Out and Play

Viking Drinking Horns to help Forget about the bullS#!t!

You can’t drink from your smartphone. Break free from the screens and connect over a genuine, beautiful drinking vessel that connects to your DNA.

Work sucks.
Social media is venomous

Relax and enjoy a well-deserved drink. You can do it. You deserve a break from the day-to-day grind, and that's why we're here for you with one of a kind drinking mugs to help take care of your thirst. They’re so badass they'll make any room feel like Middle Earth

You deserve a drink after the day you had.

Sometimes, the stresses of everyday life can really add up. And we know how it is - work has you feeling busy and overworked; rising prices make your day worse instead of better . but all these things just seem so unnecessary when there is something in this world worth living for!

These horns may not be for you, but we think they're amazing.

You could go ahead and try one of our horns right now; but either way your choice will ultimately depend upon how much fun You want It To Be!

“The first time I felt like a true barbarian was when my friends and I went on an adventure to uncharted territory. We were so far away from everything that it felt as if there weren't any rules or laws in place for us, just nature and all it’s awesome power all around us”

Now Unleash Your Inner Barbarian.

The Drinking Horn is what you need to make your party legendary. When holding one of these drinking horns, I feel powerful and ready for anything!

Can hold up to 36 oz of your favorite drinks! You might have even seen drinking horns used in popular shows like GOT and Vikings

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Double Pack

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“My Drunk Friends Think This Is Awesome.”

"Ordered a mug for my husbands birthday. He was thrilled!"

Danny S

"The groomsmen and wedding guests all loved their custom engraved drinking horns! The wedding was even better with AleHorn."

Dave P

"I drink and I know things more because of AleHorn. Just like the horn says."

Lyndsay A

Be The Life Of The Party With Your Very Own Alehorn

A drinking horn is a small, lightweight container designed to be easily held in one hand. Whether you have friends or not we’ve got the lineup for you.

The drinking horn is the ultimate party and prestige accessory. It's not just for historical reenactors - you'll be ready to take on any battle with these durable 100% authentic horns that....

One piece of horn

Seamlessly forged with one piece of livestock certified natural ox horn. Skillfully heated and perfectly molds to your grip.

Strong and sturdy

Double reinforced for strength and insulated to keep beer cooler longer. Perfectly flat base to erase spillage.

Safe for consumption

Each horn is lined with a top of the line food-safe sealant to protect your horn, your body, your gut and your drink's taste.

As seen on TV.

We've been featured on AMC, Comedy Central, SyFy, History channel and more. Viking horns have been featured on shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings

Drink Like a Viking.

The perfect gifts for any beer lover or fantasy lord can be found right before your eyes.


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