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AleHorn Honey Mead (13%)

Longship honey mead is a sweeter variety in the line of mead.

A "traditional" mead from AleHorn with only necessary and ancient "Viking" ingredients; contains honey, cool & unfiltered earth water and premium yeast.

This semi-sweet traditional mead has intense honey aromas imparted by the raw seasonal honey used in its crafting.

Buy in bundles and save:
2+ bottles = 5% off
4+ bottles = 8% off
6 + bottles = 10% off
10+ bottles = 15% off

$28 - ABV 13%

Drakkar Mead (13%)

drakkar viking winter spiced mead

Legendary winter spices flood this mead with an aroma and taste that work perfectly with the hints of honey. Get ready for the best mead for winter.

Includes our limited edition "Drakkar" dragon label which is only available during this batch of winter mead!

Enemies called the Viking longships "dragonships" because they had a dragon-shaped bow. The word 'Drakkar' encompasses all the qualities to show masculinity.

Buy in bundles and save:
2+ bottles = 5% off
4+ bottles = 8% off
6 + bottles = 10% off
10+ bottles = 15% off

$34 - ABV 13%


Maple Honey Mead (13%)

maple honey mead is a drink just like how the vikings used to drink

One of the wonderful products of the great Northeast is maple syrup.

Harvested late winter/early spring is the sap of maple trees which is boiled down to create maple syrup, a trademark product of the area.

We use only local maple syrup to produce our Maple. Our syrup comes from a small family owned maple farm.

They use only traditional wood firing to boil the syrup. With that in mind, we captured the essence of the smokey caramelized aromas of the sap house.

The mead itself is a semi-sweet maple mead. The raw honey used to make the mead imparts a unique complexity to the profile bringing florals and honeycomb.

This combined with the dark maple syrup gives a long and lingering caramelized finish.

Buy in bundles and save:
2+ bottles = 5% off
4+ bottles = 8% off
6 + bottles = 10% off
10+ bottles = 15% off

$29.50 - ABV 13%

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This semi-sweet traditional mead has intense honey aromas imparted by the raw seasonal honey used in its crafting.

Quite an amazingly complex for such a simple mead...


The initial honey florals are followed by that of petrichor where your mind wanders through the idea of walking through the woods in the refreshing summer rain.


The flavor strikes as a slightly tart honeycomb that flows into a warm honey sweetness with a lingering mulled spice-like finish.

It is recommended to drink this at cellar temperature for full flavor

Our mead contains 100% pure and RAW local honey from the hive. Naturally cleaned earth water from a 220 foot well and a clean crisp taste. Ancient grain yeast just like the Vikings used.

  • Excellent Ingredients
    The absolute finest ingredients are used to make our mead stand out.

  • Engineered Process

    Our carefully selected yeast bursts with tastes when mixed with pure filtered water and the finest RAW honey.

  • Elite Farming

    Zero corn syrup additives our RAW honey is 100% locally sourced and carefully harvested.


"Simply tasty" - Ronnie M

alehorn honey mead, alehorn maple honey mead and winter spiced mead. Just like the Viking mead, AleHorn uses old Nordic techniques to brew fresh honey mead

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