XL Viking Gjallarhorn (Sounding Horn)

XL Viking Gjallarhorn - Sounding Horn 

  • 18"+ from tip to rim with a hand-carved sounding end and a natural finish.
  • No mouthpiece or reed attached.  It's all horn.
  • Deep, stirring bellow tone.  Perfect for scaring enemies and stirring up trouble.
  • Colors and textures determined by the animal that grew the horn, so no two are alike.
  • Leather shoulder strap included

In the Viking age, a sounding horn (or blowing horn) were used to warn of danger or to announce victory.

In Norse Mythology, Heimdallr sits at the intersection of the rainbow bridge and Asgard drinking fine mead while waiting to blow his horn to warn the other gods of the oncoming Ragnarok apocalypse.

Today, that same horn is used to announce the beginning of every NFL Vikings football game. Complete your Viking artifact collection with your own Sounding Horn so you can root for your team, announce your arrival in style, or annoy your neighbors--all with true Viking spirit.

This larger sounding horns comes sans reed and takes a bit of practice to use, but rewards those who are up to the challenge with the much deeper sound of a war horn. Like with the hoards who came before, the low, long call of the horn will stir the warrior hearts of your allies and strike fear into the bones of your enemies.