Beard Accessories for True Warriors

My barbarian loves to feel good about his appearance. It's a relatively new development for him, because he, like many men, was raised to think that fashion wasn't really for him. Not just because he's a man, but because fashion seems to be for people who put a lot of time and effort into their appearance.

But once he grew his beard out, caring for and maintaining it because more than hygiene. It was a hobby. Now, when he goes out carefully groomed and bedecked in beard decor, he feels like the prettiest Viking on the block.

While Vikings didn't have the technology we have now, they were surprisingly excellent about their hygiene, Many companies are taking advantage of that fact to foster modern barbarians with new gadgets, toys, and smellies. Read on to find out what AleHorn recommends to our bearded readers.

Beard Decor

Beards can be hard to braid on their own, especially when they haven't yet reached their full potential. These lacers from OldCrowShop wrap around a small ponytail of hair tightly, so you know they won't fall out during vigorous caber tossing, motorcycle riding, drinking horn games, or just plain ol' pillaging.

The same shop also offers beads to slid over the plain black ones. And while we're on the topic of beads...


Etsy is absolutely filthy with beard beads. You can find just about any style you'd like, from contemporary video games to ancient designs. Celtic and Viking-inspired beard beads seem to be the most popular. We've also heard that paracord beads work just as well although we haven't given that a shot just yet. For the most bang for your buck, try Etsy shop WestWolfRenaissance. This set is one of our favorites.


Leather/faux leather cuffs are an alternative to beads for those who like the rougher look-- or have metal allergies. Again, there are tons of these on Etsy, and your favorite renaissance faire leather worker probably has handfuls of them. But we think Lykos Leather makes the best. They're hand-crafted and they come in those symbols you know you love.

Beard Care
Beard Balm
Beard Oil
Beard Combs and Brushes

Runner Up
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