#ApartButNeverAlone: Giveaway and New Friendship Horns

SKAL and greetings, AleHorn Army,


We all got together to think of ways that we could help you inspire your community, friends, and loved ones and spread a little light in this darkness. Because as Mr. Rogers once said, now is the time for helpers-- and from the sounds of things, y'all have a ton of time on your hands. 

Our solution? A gift horn! For you to surprise and delight your friends, family, and community - on us.

And you know what? Because we miss you so much and we love and care about you during these maddening times...

...we're going to give you one as well.

That means we are giving away one-hundred (100) FREE horn shot glasses. For no reason other than that we want to spread some cheer.

We’re giving away 100 drinking horns, but YOU have to nominate your friends in order for you BOTH to receive our gift. On April 6th, we’ll randomly draw winners from the entries we receive and send instructions on how to claim prizes via Facebook messenger.

Most will receive our toasting horns (5oz) to “give a shot” to their friends. 1 out of every 6 will receive a larger surprise horn instead.


  • 1 Entry: Tag a friend on our Facebook post (pinned to the top of our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alehorndrinkinghorns/) with a comment about why you’d like to share a shot with them.
  • 1 Entry: Share our pinned post, make sure it’s public so we can see that you shared, and use the hashtag: #ApartButNeverAlone
  • 5 Entries: Share a pic of yourself with your AleHorn in the AleHorn Army group with hashtag #ApartButNeverAlone
  • 5 entries: Post a pic on your own social media of you and your best drinking buddy, telling them why you'd love to share a drink with them. Make it public and use the hashtag #ApartButNeverAlone
  • 3 entries: Fill out the form below to join our email list

{Visit our Facebook Page to get started!}


Special Social Distancing Drinking Horn Offer:

Friendship Horns - Send to a Friend

{View Friendship Horn Product - $25.99 + Free Shipping}

Additionally, we've created a way for you to send discounted horns with free shipping to your friends here: https://alehorn.com/products/friendship-horns

If you need help with anything, please email us. If you'd like to join a community where you can hang out and be rowdy (and supported), join the AleHorn Army Facebook group. And if you need to talk to a caring professional, please call the National Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. 

BE BRAVE, ask for help if you need it, check on your friends, family and neighbors, and take care of each other.

Be well,

The AleHorn Team - Retta, Jess, Sam, Jenn, Brian, Lance, Mike, Carl, and Angel.  



Some of our favorite submissions so far: