American Gods Premiers Sunday, March 12th

Amid other big releases this week (looking at you, Game of Thrones!), it's time to recall another favorite, Norse-centric TV show of ours.

American Gods is coming back on March 10th. The show airs on STARZ which is accessible via Amazon Prime Video.

Haven't seen it? You aren't alone. While the series did very well during its first season, its success was still a little underwhelming compared to contemporary shows. The hope was that, like Game of Thrones and such, it merely needed a few seasons to make it bingeable for wider audiences.

Here's the run-down:

Shadow Moon (Ricky Little) is released from prison after finding out that his wife, Laura, died in a car accident. During his flight home for her funeral, he's met by an enigmatic figure who introduces himself as Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). Wednesday offers Shadow a job, and after some goading, Shadow accepts it. Seems pretty straight forward, right?

Except that Mr. Wednesday's world is that of the ancient spirits and gods who came to America with their immigrants and now need to get day jobs. They compete for attention with the New Gods-- Media, Technology, and the head honcho, Mr. World.

If you couldn't guess, Mr. Wednesday is a god very well-represented in Norse mythology, which is why American Gods stands to be one of AleHorn's favorite shows.

Read more about the plot of American Gods here.

As for this long-awaited second season, folks, the reviews are not looking great and more's the pity. With the departure of original showrunners, Bryan Fuller (of Hannibal fame) and Michael Green (from Logan), reviewers are worried that the show has lost its magic. The show and the ideas behind it can be very overwhelming, and since this season opened up with a trip to The House on the Rock, the most overwhelming place in the world, it's easy to see how people could feel they're getting left behind.

If this is all true then it's a shame. American Gods is one of the most ambitious and strange projects to ever be produced for television. The broadness of it is what makes it great, but it can also be overwhelming. As this season is starting in the 

Reviewers are quick to reassure us that the cast is still bringing their A game (despite the lack of Gillian Anderson's Media and Kristen Chenoweth's Eoster). Many will agree that the cast is what truly made the show special in its first season, so that comes as no surprise.

Sometime's there's only so much you can do.

Will you be watching? Which new gods are you hoping to see?