Yule Love Our 5 Best Gifts for Pagans

Yule Love Our 5 Best Gifts for Pagans

Hey pagan friends! Yule is right around the corner, and while the Christians have stolen a LOT of our religious traditions over the years, we see no reason why we can’t steal their tradition of lavish consumerism. If you’re a pagan or are looking for a good gift for a pagan friend, say no more. We have recently expanded our humble wares and to celebrate, we’d like to present you with our favorites.

5. The Scottish Quaich

For the Norse, Yule was a time of wassailing– meaning, “we all go out and sing until the neighbors ply us with alcohol and send us on our merry ways.” You may or may not be expecting carolers this year, but either way, a traditional quaich (also called a friendship bowl) will be a friendly and comforting way to welcome your friends and family home for the holidays. These quaiches make great cauldrons for rituals, altars, and spells, but they’re also a sign of camaraderie and friendship to be passed from host to guest during gatherings and feasts. We make them out of authentic horn.

4. Bone Gaming Dice

Bone Gaming Dice – Buy Now

It’s believed by many that Yule began as a way to make merry during the darkest, most boring parts of the year. We pass that tradition down to this day with board and card games. For my family, it was always Star Wars Monopoly, played right on Christmas Eve. Now, we still celebrate the same way (although our gaming tastes have improved quite a bit!)

3. A Leather Journal

Every witch needs a good place to write down their spells. If that’s a part of your personal rituals, you should be treated to a nice, beautifully embossed journal. Whether you’re a worshipper of Odin or the Morrigan, this raven will guard your secrets and inspire new goals and dreams for your spiritual journey. And even if you don’t use spells, everyone should have a journal for their thoughts– or even their Dungeons and Dragons campaign notes.

2. Viking Silverware Set

Viking Silverware Set – Buy Now

Does this one have a place in any pagan traditions? Well, maybe. But honestly, I just kind of think they’re cool and authentic. Whatever you’re feasting on this holiday season, do it with style. These utensils are based on real Viking silverware found at burial sites, and they can be seasoned– just like a cast iron pan. These come with a leather carrying case, which mean they’re perfect for bringing to the renaissance faire, or your next LARP or camping session.

1. A Sounding Horn

Gjallarhorn – Buy Now

What better way to begin celebrations than with a big ol’ blast from a sounding horn? Our XL Sounding Horn is HUGE and gives a mighty, deep bellow. It may take some practice, but it’s sure to delight Cerunnos.

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Yule Love Our 5 Best Gifts for Pagans