Why Cersei Lannister Can’t be Killed Just Yet

In a world where death comes with the mood swing of the regent in place you pray to the gods like you’re a chosen prophet however if GRRM is your god abandon all hope as you wait for your turn at the butcher’s plate. Most main characters have a weapon more powerful than the villain’s ultimate weapon and that’s plot armor. That’s where the story revolves around them so killing the character is impossible because it would mean killing the story. The premise of the Song of Ice and Fire series is that anyone can die but we think that Cersei Lannister is the one character who can’t. She’s proved herself so important to the series that once she dies it’ll be over. Jaime, Tyrion even Daenerys could die and the story could progress but Cersei is the real villain making the GoT world go round.

She Started the Succession War

For starters Cersei is the one who kicked off the war of the five kings. She’s the one who gets Robert Baratheon killed when she orders Lancel, yes the one with a dumb tattoo on his forehead, to give him extra potent wine. This makes Robert slow enough that the boar gets him when he goes for the hunt and when he dies she prevents Ned Stark from becoming hand of the king as Robert had ordered. Her actions are the main reason there is a rebellion in the first place. Sure there’s also the fact Joffrey is inbred so he’s does stupid stuff like execute the Lord of Winterfell but remember he’s only in power because she put him there.

She Is Not a Victim of Circumstances

Cersei’s committed incest with her brother and together they’ve had 3 children. Before that she had a child with Robert Baratheon whom she aborted and had she just let the child live all this could have been avoided. He could have had proper claim to the throne which would have meant Stannis couldn’t rebel and he would probably not be inbred enough to ignore good counsel. Her sin isn’t just adultery but incest as well which is a taboo in Westeros. It’s only through Cersei’s action that the current High Sparrow can get enough power to usurp her and whether he will be able to rule without her is yet to be seen but we’re not expecting much.

Was the Hard Power behind Tommen

Margaery might have the popular vote but it was Cersei who could convince Tommen to make hard choices such as cut down the High Sparrow. Cersei is the reason Tywin has fled to Daenerys had she not called out Tyrion as the one who murdered Joffrey he might not have been mentioned as a suspect. The only other character who might live through the entirety of the show is Arya Stark and not because of anything objective, GRRM’s wife just likes her. When Joffrey died his brother automatically became king however Tommen hasn’t been able to show any authority unlike Joffrey. Without Cersei the plot weakens, Cleganebowl is anticipated, almost confirmed but she’ll probably live through it irrespective of the outcome.

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Why Cersei Lannister Can’t be Killed Just Yet