Which Pendant is Right For Me?


Which Pendant is Right For Me?

Our pendants are on sale this week, but one thing we still get a lot of emails about is, “What do these signs mean?” and, “I don’t really know which one is right for me, can you please tell me more about them?”

Listen, friends: that’s why we have this blog in the first place. Please stop emailing our well-meaning customer service people for fashion advice. They’d much rather spend their time brewing mead and dreaming of Valhalla. I’ve come up with a simple solution to find out which pendant suits you most. Think of it like a Norse Zodiac or a Norse Hogwarts House test. Even if you don’t want to buy our pendants, this helpful, tiny test can still help you find what you need in life. And also, maybe what you should get engraved on your alehorn, if that’s more your jam.


Ask yourself, “What do I need most in life?”

Take some time to really think about it. Maybe, the entire length of our friends, The Last Legion’s album MUSPELHEIM (trust me, it’s a fucking banger). Why? Our pendants are meant to be helpful– they’re meant to act as wards for what you truly need, to help you visualize it and take the opportunities that will bring it into your life.

Got it? Read on.

If what you most need is Strength, then you need:

Mjolnir — Thor’s Hammer

This is one of the most common symbols in Norse mythology, and in the modern practices of Norse paganism and Astaru. The hammer is not just a symbol of power, but of inner strength. Thor is trusted to keep it not just because he has the strength to use it, but because he knows when he should use such a mighty object. If this sounds like something you need, Mjolnir is your sign.
To learn more, take a look at this longer article I wrote about Mjolnir.

If what you most need is Thoughtfulness, then you need:


Huginn & Muninn — Odin’s Ravens

It should come as no surprise that Odin’s ravens represet thoughtfulness. Their names mean, ‘thought,’ and, ‘memory.’ Who among us couldn’t use more thoughtfulness, afterall? If you ever find yourself speaking without thinking, or even worse, doing without thinking, take a second to pause and imagine two ravens in flight. See where that takes you.

If you want to learn more about Huginn and Muninn and how they relate to thoughtfulness, check out this article.

If what you most need is Protection, then you need:

The Troll Cross

The Troll Cross has a very interesting history, but I leave that to you to read about in this article. If you’re someone who has been haunted– by an abusive person or situation, by anxiety or fears, by nightmares or even by your own choices in your past– the Troll Cross can help you get through those. It serves as an inspiring symbol used by many old-school Scandanavians to protect their homes and livestock. Why not let it protect you?

If what you most need is Wisdom, then you need:

Yggdrassil — The Tree of Life

Yggdrassil isn’t just for the wise– it’s for wisdom seekers, and in particular, those who have to suffer to obtain it. If you’ve learned a painful lesson the hard way, like by falling in love and having your heart broken, or maybe paid a little too much student loan interest, you’ve felt the sting of Yggdrassil. It’s also a reminder that we must pay for the wisdom we attain– and it won’t come freely.

Read more aboout Yggdrassil by clicking here.

If what you most need is to Conquer, then you need:

AEgishjalmr — The Helm of Awe

There are many things we need to conquer in life. Sometimes, they’re frightening and horrible and we need courage and strength to conquer them. There’s no shame in asking for help getting that courage, and even the ancient Norse knew that. This symbol was particularly popular with women, who would tattoo or inscribe it into their foreheads with blood. Read more about that metal as fuck process here.

If you need help Finding Your Way, then you need:

Vegvisir — The Viking Compass

The Vegvisir is a sign that actually means, “if this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.” Which I think is a pretty round-about way of saying, “You ain’t getting lost.” Some of us tend to stray from home a little– whether we are travelers or people who stray from the more proper paths we’d like ourselves to stay on (IE our financial plans for the year). If that’s you, then this symbol should help. Let it be your guide and remind you that all roads eventually lead you home. To learn more about this symbol, check out this article.

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Which Pendant is Right For Me?