When should you give an engraved gift?

Gift giving is an art form – no really! That magical feeling you get when you give the perfect gift isn’t an accident. Finding the right balance between knowing someone the exact right amount and honing in on the thing they WANT, even if they didn’t know they wanted it, that’s the sweet spot. Sometimes the perfect gift can be EVEN MORE PERFECT if it’s an engraved gift. 

Obviously we’re biased and would tell you that every gift should be engraved! by us! on an Alehorn! But before you dismiss us as trying to sell you something, you gotta give us some credit. Some of the time, we’re 100% right.

Here are a few times when a gift personalized with engraving is not only kinda cool, but TOTALLY PERFECT, and might even make someone cry (manly Viking style) tears of joy.


Of course! I’ll tell you, from where I’m sitting (as the one whose inbox gets filled with all of your engraving requests), weddings are the HANDS DOWN best time to get an engraved gift for someone. But there’s a twist!

Engraved horns are most often purchased by the groom for his dudes (and dudettes). Grooms, you’re awesome. But as a wife, let me give you a tip: don’t forget the bride. Do you really want to start off on the wrong horn?

Build a custom wedding horn set

Milestone Birthdays

21! I wish I had a horn from my 21st birthday. Remember yours? I hope not. Folks also love to get engraved stuff for the big three-oh, and the big anything-oh after that. Pretty much any age that’s a multiple of five, get something engraved.

Or any age. I’m turning 37 this year – what am I, chopped liver?


Ah, the ancient tradition of being showered in engraved things after paying tens of thousands for a piece of paper. We’ve come a long way! No seriously, this is one of those times where if you don’t get the important person an engraved gift, you never know what the future consequences could be.

Promotions and Retirements

Nothing says “you’ve worked hard” like something engraved with the phrase “you’ve worked hard.”


Yes, we all know that Yule is a great time to give someone a personalized heartfelt gift. But what about the other holidays? Valentine’s day is a great time, especially since people usually forget about it and we can engrave stuff in 1-3 days.

Or how about St. Pat’s? Get some Irish whiskey or beer and an engraved horn for that special someone and you’ve pretty much won the gift giving game forever.


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When should you give an engraved gift?