We Make Kickass Company Gifts

We Make Kickass Company Gifts

We get it – you love your employees and your company, and want to get them a thank you gift for all their hard work this year that kicks as much ass as they did. Look no further – our epic horns are the perfect corporate or company gifts for your staff and clients.

There are companies that give out letter openers, then there’s you – the boss who rips letters open with their teeth! That’s a metaphor, of course, because no one sends letters anymore. But you catch our drift.

Choose from any of our horns, send us your logo and any text you’d like (or any image!) and we’ll get you started. We hand engrave each horn, but turnover is quick and we’ll work with your budget to make sure you and your staff and clients are thrilled with your incredibly unique gift at a price that makes sense.

Engraveable horns range from 10oz mead cups to 5L tankards, with lots of options in between. Even if you order 100 XL tankards, every single horn will be different. Pricing based on volume is available, just ask. Browse our shop to check out our horn stock.

Need some engraving ideas? How about your logo, mission statement, or slogan? Or maybe an inside joke, or quote that sums up the year? Don’t forget we can also engrave the handle. Don’t be afraid to personalize by adding names or dates – there won’t be an extra charge if your line of text is different for each person. There’s really no better war cry to rally your staff and clients than an authentic, hand crafted drinking horn.

Reach out to us if you’d like to see more samples, have any questions about our horns, or are looking for some more design inspiration. We love making the perfect corporate or company gifts for you and your crew!


Header image: visit our friends at Lightship Brewing Co. In Virgina Beach, VA.

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We Make Kickass Company Gifts