Tolkien Drinking Horns Maker

Tolkien Drinking Horns Maker

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is the original fandom for many geeks who love the medieval fantasy genre. This series spawned countless tabletop roleplaying games, paintings on the sides of vans, metal albums, and now, it can inspire your AleHorn.

With the help of our Tolkien Inspired Drinking Horn Builder, you can get your personal drinking horn engraved with one of these designs, made by the big J.R.R.T. himself. It’s appropriate for nearly every setting you might find yourself in: at a Last Legion concert, at the LARP of your choosing, or while rolling sick criticals at your favorite D&D group.

These horns can even be used

Tolkien took his influences from Norse and Celtic myths, so these designs are heavily inspired by the motifs you know and love. So anyone who sees your drinking horn will know that it’s legit.

Here are the designs we currently offer:

The Evanstar Engraving: The pendant that Arwen gifts to Aragorn at their parting in Rivendell. This is a sign of eternal love, the kind of love that transcends all barriers and tribulations, and even extends beyond the ages. This is the ideal symbol for a wedded couple and would make the perfect wedding gift.

Smaug Engraving: The great, red dragon who holds The Misty Mountains and the town of Dale hostage. This drawing of Smaug was done by Tolkien himself and accompanied the first manuscript of The Hobbit. It’s inspired by many drawings of Norse wyrms, and is a sure sign of both a Tolkien scholar and a lover of Norse mythology.

Eye of Sauron Engraving: The Eye is one of the lesser known symbols of LOTR and Tolkien’s world, but it’s a sure sign of evil. The Eye watches all, and is a great sign for blacksmiths and those who aspire to be blacksmiths.

J.R.R. Signature Rune Engraving: Tolkien not only invented fourteen different languages, but he also invented his own way of signing his name in those languages. This engraving is perfect for scholars, writers, and just regular fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings.

The One Ring Engraving: The One Ring is engraved itself with these words in the Dark Speech:
One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all,
and in the Darkness, bind them.

But it’s written in Tengwar, the ancient language of the elves, because at the time of it’s creation, tricksy Sauron was pretending to be an elf named Annatar, Lord of Gifts.

Tree of Gondor Engraving: The Tree of Gondor is the sign of a country once perfect, now suffering. When Aragorn returns to his forefathers’ throne, the tree becomes healthy and blooming once more. It’s also the sigil on the shields of the knights of Gondor, and a sure way of telling a true LOTR fan from a faker.

Of course, if you want another design that’s unavailable, you can always click over to our customizable horn tab, where we will whip up anything you desire.

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Tolkien Drinking Horns Maker