Toast With Us – May 7th is National Homebrew Day!

May 7th is National Homebrew Day! This year it also just so happens to fall on the same day as the American Homebrewers Association Big Brew, which is held on the first Saturday of May each year.

The Big Brew is an event where bars,  hombrew clubs, breweries, and brew shops will host events where the same couple of recipes are crafted simultaneously all over the country. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out this map to see where all of the registared Big Brew events will be held.

Raise a Glass at Noon

This is exactly what I’ll look like at noon when I toast with you guys.

While the brewing events are underway all over the country, participants everywhere will be stopping in their tracks to raise their glass in a collective toast to homebrewing at noon CDT.

So raise your horn and toast with us! Tag us on social media, and use hash tag #BigBrew16 to hop into the conversation. (That was a hop pun, in case you missed it.)

2016 Official Recipes

This year, the theme of the official recipes is the Reinheitsgebot, or the “German Purity Law,” which controlled the price of grain used in brewing throughout Germany and Bavaria. The law allowed brewers to only use three ingredients to brew beer: water, hops, and barley, which made a huge impact on the way beer styles developed since the law was enacted in 1516.

Here the official suggested recipes, so if you’re planning on brewing on the 7th, take your pick. The Summertime Ginger Ale sounds especially incredible.

Homebrewers Among Us

I’m sure our audience has more homebrewers per capita than the regular population, but on average, 1 in 200 people in America brews beer at home. That’s 1.2 million homebrewers, guys. It’s pretty safe to say that homebrewing is one of America’s fastest growing hobbies.

Last year, more than 11,000 people in every US state and 14 countries participated in National Homebrew Day, and our money says even more people will be participating this year.

How do you plan to celebrate? Share your plans and photos with us, and don’t forget to toast with all the homebrewers in America at 12 noon central time.

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Toast With Us – May 7th is National Homebrew Day!