This high protein beer will help you get a six-pack

We all know that beer is awesome. Some of you even know that beer has some health benefits. Our only remaining gripe about our ancient, hoppy best friend was that it makes us fat – but that too may soon be a thing of the past. Barbell Brew is a new high protein beer that allows you to become a beast without sacrificing your post-workout buzz.

UK online fitness shop Muscle Food’s Barbell Brew isn’t just high protein – it’s also low carb and low calorie. It’s all natural, and touts a 3.6% ABV – the same as the average imperial pint of any other lager. It has 21.8 grams of protein, about the same as a serving of Greek yogurt, and only two grams less than a 3 oz. serving of steak. All that, and only 92 calories. That’s basically the same as drinking a protein shake, right?

It claims to be “thirst quenching,” and has “notes of tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose.” Its light golden color carries a delightfully assertive hop flavor, but the unique protein structure gives it an interesting sweetness.

Muscle Food spent three months perfecting and taste-testing Barbell Brew before launching in the UK this week. As Muscle Food’s Darren Beale says,

“Never before has anyone been able to claim that drinking a six-pack will help you get a six-pack and we’re delighted to have finally achieved just that.”

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This high protein beer will help you get a six-pack