There’s a Hobbit House in Montana – and you can stay there!

There’s a Hobbit House in Montana – and you can stay there!

After a few amazing experiences, the AirBNB bug bit so hard I just can’t shake it. When I’m falling asleep, I throw dream darts at an imaginary map, hoping to shorten my AirBNB wish list. This past winter, my family headed to AleHorn HQ in Tempe, Arizona for some company revelry, and stayed at no less than 3 amazing AirBNBs. I spend my free time browsing AirBNB (I know, I might have a problem). I’m not sure how it took me so long to discover this, but this morning I finally did: there’s an AirBNB listing for a hobbit house in Montana.

Here’s the Airbnb listing. The main house is a 1000 square foot hobbit themed underground home that the quirky host, Steve Michaels, built as a vacation spot after he deemed his practical underground shelter to be too boring. The home is complete with the one ring hanging safely from the rafters, and several other mini hobbit homes. Basically, this is the Shire. In Montana. I’m dying.

What appears to be Gandalf’s bed


For people who aren’t LotR fans (do they exist?) the house is really nice and there’s some Montana type outdoorsy stuff, like a trout pond and some mountains. Cool I guess. Know what’s better?



and this!

If you’re headed out that way, make sure you take adequate provisions with you. Or go to the grocery store when you get there, whatever. But do NOT forget the most important piece of hobbitry: your AleHorn.

We recommend bringing one of our mead cups, or one of our tankards.

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There’s a Hobbit House in Montana – and you can stay there!