The Three Children Who Could Have a Major Impact on Vikings

When the Viking series started Bjorn Ironside was the kid who deserved a spanking way more often that his father was willing to give. Seriously, what kind of kid gets in between their parents fistfights to lecture them on the proper way to behave in front of chidlren?  Kids named Ironside apparently. Cut to a season years later Bjorn is leading charges and having a body count King Leonidas would be proud to call his own. The time skip was great for the series but if this is the way things go for season four then there are three children who will affect the landscape whether they dominate like berserkers or not.

Alfred, Son of Athelstan and Judith

Alfred is the product of infidelity between a monk and a heir to the throne of Wessex. Not that we blame Judith though did you see Athelstan? There’s a reason Ragnar and King Ecbert had a bromance rivalry going on although Athelstan made sure Ecbert had to play the third wheel.

Impact: The heir to the throne of Wessex is Judith’s Husband. That child has already put that relationship to the test but next season he’ll test the relationship between King Ecbert and his son. King Ecbert has already shown his lust for Judith but with Aethelwulf already showing hate for the child Ecbert might have to choose between his son and his willingness to protect baby Alfred.

Magnus, Son of Kwentrith and Ragnar.

Kwentrith and Ragnar engaged in some wartime bonding activities and the queen of Mercia now claims to have Ragnar’s child. So far Ragnar knows nothing of it but when news of her pregnancy reaches Kattegat mortal wounds won’t be Ragnar’s only worry.

Impact: This child is the heir to the Throne of Mercia since Ragnar is the one accused of fathering the child then Ragnar is gaining a much more reliable Ally in the West as his brother decides whether he’ll get lucky the second time he betrays his. Of course his marriage might not last as Aslaug has shown she’s the jealous kind. You’d think that given she came into the marriage as a second wife that she would be cool with Ragnar’s roving eye but this is one of those do as I say not as I do kind of things. If Kwentrith however denies Ragnar as the father then the child will just die as King Ecbert kills her for being too stubborn to use.

Siggy, Daughter of Bjorn and Porunn

Bjorn Ironside has gone from being a child to having a child as we watched. He’s the future king of the Vikings or at least is set to be. He married a slave, Porunn, and they have a daughter he named Siggy.

Impact: Bjorn also has siblings who will want to be King and as Lagerther found out the hard way Viking men don’t like taking orders from women much, in fact given their usurpations they don’t like taking orders from anyone. It’s almost guaranteed that their sibling rivalry will get bloody.

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The Three Children Who Could Have a Major Impact on Vikings