The Official Brewers Gift Guide of 2018

The Official Brewers Gift Guide of 2018

When asked what I would like the most for a Yuletide gift as a mead brewer, the honest answer is a giant jug of honey. But barring that, there are plenty of gifts that you can get for your brewer or aspiring brewer friends!) to make it look like you understand their hobby, even if you don’t. Which usually results in free booze for you!

A fancy hydrometer

We bought our hydometer from our local brewing store when we first started off, and while it does the job, its kind of inconvenient. It doesn’t come with a handy tube to balance in while taking measurements, nor convenient cleaning tools. Nor instructions, really. We had to figure that all out on our own. This set from Amazon does with everything you need it to, and without causing too much trouble.

Toasting Horn

We used to call these our shot glasses, but at 5 oz., they’re way too big for that. Instead, they’re perfect for toasting– or for sampling! If your brewing bud has lots of wares to sample, get them a couple of these boys so they can proudly serve their bubbling babies at parties. And yes, we can engrave them!

Conical Fermenter

Hand of the King Bottle Opener

You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to love how this bottle opener looks. It’s the symbol of Hand after Hand in the world, but it’s also commanding, precise, and just straight up gorgeous. It’ll deserve a place of honor. Your friend will respect it a lot more than the shitty old one they got in college, that always seems to get lost in the silverware drawer just when you need it.

Commissioned Labels

Every brewery needs a logo. It doesn’t matter if they’re distributed all over the country or just out of your laundry room. If your friend is a homebrewer, they’ve probably thought a lot about that, but might not have put the time and effort into the design. You can hire an artist on Fiverr or other websites, or if you’re feeling sassy, throw down on Photoshop and make one yourself.

The picture above are some I did for the wedding of some friends’– during which my partner and I also supplied the booze! It didn’t take very long, and it was fairly inexpensive to get some gorgeous, water-proof labels.

Engraved Horn and Holster

Stuck on that idea of professional labels, but want to go all the way? Have us engrave the brewery logo of your choosing on a custom horn. We can throw anything you like on there, so don’t be afraid to get crazy.

Want to really go all the way? Pick up one of our spectacular, leather holsters or metal stands so they can display this beautiful gift– like one of the big boy breweries.

Hexogonal Wine Rack

This is for the wine and mead brewers out there (sorry beer friends). But every brewer needs a good wine rack to hold their best-of-the-best, their crowning achievements, their prettiest brew. We like this one in particular because it reminds us of a honeycomb– which makes it perfect for mead. But there are hundreds of other wine rack options out there– and if your brewer friend is worth their weight in malt, they’ll need as many as they can get.

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The Official Brewers Gift Guide of 2018