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The new Game of Thrones Trailer is HERE!

The new Game of Thrones Trailer is HERE!

Alright so as curmudgeonly as I am about current GoT hype because of how friggin’ late this season is coming out and how short it will be (*POUT*), I still got chills from today’s new trailer.

Dragons. The King in the North. MY QUEEN Daenerys is poised to SLAY EVERYTHING.

Also, dragons. Did I mention dragons? This is not a teaser, this is a full trailer.

This is not a drill.

Full long shot of an adult dragon flying around in the air like IT should be the one on the iron throne.

Check it out and let us know which part was the best, which lines gave you chills, and what you’d still like to know about the upcoming season in the comments section.

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The new Game of Thrones Trailer is HERE!