The Latest Game of Thrones Trailer is Here!

The Latest Game of Thrones Trailer is Here!

The most recent Game of Thrones trailer is here and with it, we have more questions than answers. Now that the show has truly moved beyond the point of the books, we actually have more questions about the series than ever before.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out here before scrolling down.

It’s OK. I can wait.



Let’s start off with the heavy-hitter…

B-B-Beric Dondarrion?
If you aren’t a book fan, you may have to harken back a bit to remember old Beric. In fact, you might not have noticed his face in the sea of other faces during the trailer. But Beric is the one-eyed dude from The Brotherhood Without Banners, who Arya meets in Season 3. He’s kind of a zombie, but a zombie with a conscious– he comes back to life every time he is killed, and while he remembers his humanity, he remembers less and less each time.

He seems to mostly be a servant of the Red God that Melisandre serves and, in fact, is what more-or-less sets the stage for Jon Snow’s resurrection in Season 6. What is he doing in Season 7 after we haven’t seen him for so long? Hopefully fighting Others, but really, winter is here and he could be up to just about anything.

What are Arya and Sansa up to?
The clear answer for either Stark sister: no good.

Let’s begin with our favorite little psychopath. Last season, we saw Arya give Walder Frey a much-deserved offing. David Bradley who played Frey is slated to return this season, so that means he’s probably going to be channeling Maisie William’s Arya, which I honestly can’t wait to see. Arya in control of the Riverlands? Yes please. Her wolf, Nymeria, may even still be wandering around those parts. Do you think we can expect a girl and her dog kind of reunion? YES PLEASE.

Sansa is, of course, up North and she has a much bigger role than her little sister in the trailer. She’s looking ten kinds of shadey as she heads out to the Winterfell godswood, and Littlefinger’s voice hangs over her like a cloud. We already know she did some shifty shit to Jon Snow in the previous season– are we going to have a Stark-on-Stark battle as Lyanna’s son fights Ned’s daughter? Who’s to say? But it is Sansa’s voice that reminds us: the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

The Greyjoys arrive at King’s Landing?
Yes, I see you, split-second scene and I analyzed the crap out of you. Those black sails pulling up in front of the Red Keep belong to the Greyjoy fleet. Watch out, Theon and Yara. Queen Cersei has been in kind of a burning mood lately– although she is out of wildfire.

Bran has a wheelchair! Yay!
We see him hanging out somewhere that looks very much like the Winterfell Godswood– in fact, many reviewers are saying that’s a definite thing. So does that mean he’s reunited with his sister(s?) and brother/cousin? Old gods, we hope so. We’re so ready for a Stark party.

What are you most excited to see this season? What are your predictions? Share with us below or on Facebook!

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The Latest Game of Thrones Trailer is Here!