The Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Trust me, we are fully aware that the new season of Game of Thrones isn’t here yet. But surely you’re watching some of your favorite episodes to get you through the winter? If you’re like anyone in our house, no new episodes of any of our favorite shows means automatic GoT shuffle, which is soooo much fun with a bunch of friends and this Game of Thrones drinking game.

You’ll need an AleHorn full of your favorite cheap beer or wine – you’re going to need lots. Or, if you’re House Lannister, you’ll need the oldest and most expensive bottle of Arbor Gold you can find in the cellar – because being drunk all day on a bottle of wine that could feed a family in Flea Bottom for a month is what makes us Lannisters.

You’ll also need some Fireball Whiskey (or whatever hard alcohol you’ve got lyin’ around).

Game of Thrones Drinking Game Rules

GoT a pen?

Whenever you see female nudity – drink some water (we don’t want to kill you)

Whenever you see male nudity – 3 sips

Whenever Jorah stares longingly at Daenerys – 1 sip

Whenever Varys is creepy – 1 sip

Whenever Littlefinger is creepy – 1 sip

Whenever Arya rattles off her death list – 1 sip for each name

Whenever a dead character is mentioned – toast with your friends and take a sip

Whenever a dragon breathes fire – drink a shot of Fireball Whiskey

Every time a character with no name dies – 1 sip

Every time a main character dies – drink your whole cup

Whenever the whitewalkers appear – drink a drink from the cup of the person on your left (Whitewalkers don’t care)

If Arya dies – turn off the TV and go outside. We’re all so done with GRRM’s crap.

Want to add any rules? Write them to us in the comments and we’ll add them to the list!

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The Game of Thrones Drinking Game