The Full Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer is Finally Here

So much footage! An amazing song! What’s going on here? The full Game of Thrones Season Six Trailer is treating us right – check it out, unless you’re at work – a few split seconds may be NSFW.

Is Arya worging? Dany’s a hobo? The Mountain’s alive? Bran finally cut his damn hair? Melisandre’s topless? (Ok, that one’s not so surprising).

They planted the questions we’ve been wondering about for months, and now they’re giving us glimpses of answers. First and foremost – is Jon dead?

Short answer? It sure looks like it. “He’s gone,” a voiceover says as the camera zooms in on Jon’s corpse in the same (very dead looking) position we left him at the end of Season 5.

“Hey Branny, lookin good!” – Night’s King

The end of the trailer clearly shows the Night’s King sneaking up on Bran, who we can only hope has some way to run away. The Night’s King is actually one of the most interesting characters in the books – according to Ygritte, he used to be a Crow, and stumbled upon “something cold in the woods, with bright blue eyes.” He brought her home to be his queen, and ruled over his Brothers, sacrificing them often. Eventually, an army of Free Folk led by a King Beyond the Wall and the Starks of Winterfell defeated him. Cool. Can’t wait to see when winter finally comes.

The one thing I HAD to know after watching the trailer is what’s that song? I love it. Some sleuthing revealed that it’s James Vincent McMorrow covering Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game.”

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The Full Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer is Finally Here