The End of an Era – GOT Finishes Shooting Their Final Battle

The End of an Era – GOT Finishes Shooting Their Final Battle

It’s the end of an era. Game of Thrones has finished shooting their final big battle. Tread carefully, for here there may potentially be spoilers.

It took 55 grueling days to shoot. And if you want a comparison, the entire film of Saving Private Ryan took 58. And both The Battle of the Bastards from Season 6 and the Loot Train battle from Season 7 only took about a month each.

We know about these 55 horrible days and nights thanks to an Instagram post from Jonathan Quinlan, the assistant director on the shoot. For you super nerds out there, Quinan has also acted as assistant director on Vikings as well!

Here’s the actual post:

It’s a very sweet message from The Producer Types, who clearly care about their crew. Let’s hope all the critics on Twitter remember it, a year from now!

We’re only getting six episodes for this final season, but most will be the length of feature films. And with a battle that took this long to film, we can already tell they’re going to be epic. As. Fuck.

Who is in this final battle? Rumors may be swirling, but words are wind, as they say. Some tabloids are trying to drum up fervor by taking quotes from actors and actresses in the series severely out of context. For example, one publication claimed that Missandei would be first on the chopping block, as Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress who plays her, mentioned that scenes she was not in were in the process of being shot. As much as we all love Missandei, she can’t be in every scene, guys.

The battle was filmed in Toome and Maghemorne Quarry, two locations in Northern Ireland, although supposedly, a third and final location was also used in this battle. That location remains a mystery. Guess we can’t know everything, even in the Internet age.

But since it was filmed in Northern Ireland, it’s probably safe to assume this battle takes place in The North. We’ll definitely see Jon Snow, presumably fighting some White Walkers, but who knows if he’ll actually be joined by the Lannisters? Jaime will probably be there, and you can count on some dragon action from Dany. After all, their brother Viserion is now a dragon wight. Will it all go down at Winterfell? It seems as auspicious a place as any, now that The Wall has fallen.

What do YOU want to see in this final battle? Who do YOU want to see perish and come to victory? Who should be reunited? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below!

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The End of an Era – GOT Finishes Shooting Their Final Battle