Take that, tax man! Everything is 15% off!


Take that, tax man! Everything is 15% off!

Doing taxes is lame (but necessary), so we thought we’d make things a little easier for you by giving you 15% off EVERYTHING*. We figured it’s a win/win – if you’re getting a refund, you’re about to have more money for AleHorns! If you’re not getting a refund, at least you’ll have a cool way to drink your booze. There, feel a little better?

Taxes are due on the 15th, which should be easy to remember now that you know AleHorns (and accessories) are 15% off through tax day. You can also thank us for reminding you if you forgot. We’ve got your back!

Grab yourself a tankard, Viking horn, beard comb, or any other of our taxman-proof products from our shop and enter this code at checkout from now through April 15th:


discount does not apply to engraving orders

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Take that, tax man! Everything is 15% off!