SKOL Vikings! and a New Group Buy Page

We’ve been busy lately.  In attempts to provide faster and better service to our customers (that’s you!) we have expanded our custom offerings and recently announced our new engraving turn times.  Today we have another big announcement: Wee are proud to introduce a new feature on AleHorn called group buys!

You guys probably know how group buys work, but for those who don’t, it’s pretty simple – Periodically, we will be designing a cool new custom horn, and will be putting them up for  sale with a HUGE discount.  If enough people buy in, we will produce them and ship em out.  If there isn’t enough interest, then we cancel the deal and go back to the drawing board.  There will be limited production runs and once we sell them, they are gone.

For our innagural group deal, we are offering this limited edition 12″ Minnesota Viking SKOL horn.

We have been looking for ways to get more custom engraved work out to the masses.  Our challenge has always been overproducing certain horns and being stuck with inventory no one wants, or not producing enough and not hitting our delivery promises.  With group buys, we are hoping to solve those problems and provide some unique offerings to our customer.

Do you have any ideas on what we should produce next?  Leave your ideas in the comments…

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  • Amy Krumm

    Did you ever produce the mn vikings horn?

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SKOL Vikings! and a New Group Buy Page