Seven Great Gift ideas for Mead Lovers

Seven Great Gift ideas for Mead Lovers

So many of you guys are loving mead, or have a loved one who loves mead, or love drinking lovely mead with your loved ones. But besides MORE MEAD, what kinds of gifts would a Viking enjoy? We think we have some great gift ideas for mead lovers.

Make Mead Like a Viking

Jereme Zimmerman is our favorite outdoorsman who also happens to have written the book on home meadmaking – literally. Make Mead Like a Viking looks at meadmaking through a historical and cultural lens, and his book explains the traditional rituals and history of mead as well as how to make it yourself.

Be prepared for an unorthodox approach to homebrewing, and learn a bit about the history and mythology behind “ancient mead.” Learn how to create quality brews that will bring out the Viking in you, and maybe even have a little fun in the process. -Jereme Zimmerman

An AleHorn Tankard of Viking Drinking Horn

They drink it – but do they drink it right? Snag an AleHorn from our shop to make sure they’re getting the full historical mead experience.

Go Ferment! Wide Mouth Mason Jar Mold Free Anaerobic Fermenting Kit & Recipe E-book

Not sure if you’d like to commit to a full 5 gallon meadmaking setup? This mason jar fermenting kit is great for beginners or for those who’d like to try out a wild new mead recipe without using a bunch of ingredients.

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supp Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6) with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

Know someone who’s always talking about making mead but has never gotten the equipment together? Obliterate all excuses and demand your share of the mead with this awesome starter kit that comes with everything needed for a first batch of mead, including the hydrometer. There’s no honey, though, so they’ll need a few bottles of this…

Raw and Unfiltered Wildflower Honey

To get the wild floral and fruity flavors of the honey, raw is best. This unfiltered variety comes from the bees of the Arizona desert who infuse the honey with a subtle wildflower flavor. The unpasteurized honey has never been manually heated, making it ideal for meadcrafting.

HomeBrewStuff Basic 1 Gallon Orange and Honey Mead Recipe Refill Kit

If you’ve got a meadmaker on  your list who already brews in 1 gallon batches, one of the 1 gallon refill kits from HomeBrewStuff would be the perfect thing to get them into some new flavors. Check out the other types, like oak and vanilla or elderberry. They’ll need to use the equipment they already have – everything else comes in the refill (including the honey).

Growler with Honey Bee Mead Logo Etching

Once the mead is ready it can be poured into a growler, which is an easier dispensing vessel that fits in the fridge. Many local meaderies also offer growler fills – so your giftee could bring their snazzy new honeybee mead growler with them and impress everyone with their incredible forethought and preparedness.

Did you give or receive a mead gift that you really loved? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Seven Great Gift ideas for Mead Lovers