Rollo: The Real Villain of The Viking Saga

Rollo’s been taking names in the Viking series like a rogue cop having a bad day. When he’s sober he is the most badass Viking there is and even Ragnar would think twice about fighting him. Of course when he’s drunk and heartbroken he gets his ass handed to him by his nephew but that’s a story for another day. So far the Vikings’ story hasn’t had a truly despicable villain all are simply protecting their own but as he proves time and time again it’s the role Rollo is meant to play. On one hand he is one of Ragnar’s right-hand-men being his brother and all but as shown below by action alone he’s the villain that is slowly been built and could be Ragnar’s final battle

Rollo Has No Respect for Women

No one is saying that Ragnar is the textbook case study on how to treat your wife but he definitely acknowledges that women aren’t ornamental pieces that produce audio from time to time. Rollo raped a woman in season 1, and cheats on his wife without shame telling her that that’s just who he is. He mourns her death when she passes but while she was alive he had a funny way of showing his love for her. Even Floki treats his wife better and that’s saying something considering he’s a few planks short of a full ladder. Rollo also makes passes at Lagerther when she’s married to Ragnar showing how much respect he gave the marriage. From the start he’s pretty much been dabbling in villain territory.

Contempt for His Own Gods

Rollo doesn’t have the reverence for his gods that the others have. We wouldn’t identify him as the first Norse atheist but he can participate in Christian rituals without caring for what his own would think. When an offer is made to make one of the Vikings a Christian he jumps on it because he doesn’t fear the consequences. Unlike Ragnar’s conversion it’s not means to an end but him committing a sacrilegious act because he can and he thinks it’ll be funny.

Antithesis of Ragnar

Rollo is a fighter, his instinct on the battlefield is matched by only a handful and he can come back from the kind of injuries that would cripple most men like a Norse Wolverine. That’s on the battlefield. Off of it the he’s demonstrated the self control of a hyperactive ape on a sugar rush being the kind to cut first explain his actions later. He’s the opposite of Ragnar who thinks first and then carries out his plans. He could care less about his comrades having killed Arne and injured Floki both being old friends and so a fight against him would be Ragnar weighing how many have to die before he’s ready to put a sword through his brother.

He’s Power-Hungry

Rollo has already betrayed Ragnar once. When given an offer to create his own name at the expense of his brother he’s demonstrated that his feelings for Ragnar start and end with Ragnar being in a position of weakness. Once Ragnar gets some success out of his own hard work like killing their oppressive earl, Rollo gets agitated. Season 3 concluded with Rollo marrying the princess of Paris so that he can be their protector. Rollo doesn’t seem against the idea meaning once more him and his brother could be at each others’ throats this time both fully aware one will have to die.

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Rollo: The Real Villain of The Viking Saga