Proof that Jon Snow isn’t Dead …. Yet

Jon Snow isn’t Dead, but his apparent death came as quite a shocker for the season finale of Game of thrones. The series had gone too long without a beloved character’s death and Snow’s really gave the finale the sickening oomph it needed. Not everyone is happy with this as the show is running out of courageous, honorable men who can light up a room full of women without a match. Sure Jaime is still there but his missing a hand, Robb is gone, Ned barely lasted a season, Viserys is gold plated and Drogo well… it’s like courage and honor are not what you use to win the game of thrones. While everyone else mourned and contemplated the meaning of life we noticed something that hopefully could indicate his return.

Jon Snow isn’t Dead – It’s all in the Eyes

When Jon Snow is lying in the Snow after the stab fest a very subtle change takes place; his eyes change color. It happens so casually for such a short period of time that we’re still not sure what exactly happens but we do have our hunches. First is to establish which color his eyes turn.

We think Snow’s irises change to Greenish but that’s just our perspective it’s so unclear that any answer is an educated guess at best.

So far in the story eye color can have some meaning. Crystal blue is for the white walkers and the moment anyone is turned into a wight their eye color changes to that deep blue color. Green is the color of Greensight holders. Greensight is the ability Jojen Reed and Rickon Stark possess to see glimpses into the future. So far Green seers haven’t come back from the dead but GRRM can introduce a new ability at anytime. His eyes could also have turned Violet which is the color of Targaryen eyes in the books and maybe this is a hint at his parentage and a nod to the R+L=J theory but it’s still too early to decide.

Wargs eyes turn pale when they escape their body but the idea Snow escaped his body to inhabit an animal seems too far-fetched. The final eye color that is indicated in the books to have some power is red. Red irises are what Melisandre the high priest of the Lord of Light has in the books. The Lord of light, R’hllor has raised the dead so if Jon Snow received a positive nod from the deity he is definitely coming back. The last words that Maester Aemon told Jon Snow were, “Kill the boy, Jon Snow, winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy. And let the man be born.”  This might have been GRRM’s subtle way of foreshadowing Jon Snow’s change, that’s something he is known for. The war with the white walkers is coming and they’ll need one hell of a captain to fight them. Snow’s stabbing might be what was needed for him to rise up as a different person ready to make tough choices without hesitation. Personally, I believe that Jon Snow isn’t Dead. What do you think?

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Proof that Jon Snow isn’t Dead …. Yet