Official Bethesda Fallout Beer is Coming, Thanks to Carlsberg

Official Bethesda Fallout Beer is Coming, Thanks to Carlsberg | AleHorn - Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

If you were drinking your time away waiting for the Fallout 4 release, now there’s a much more appropriate brand of beer to stock in your fridge. Bethesda (makers of Fallout 3 and Skyrim, among other things – any other Morrowind lovers out there?) has teamed up with Carlsberg to make a special Fallout Beer for the November Fallout 4 launch.

Normally I would /eyeroll at such a blantant marketing gimmick, but FALLOUT 4? and BEER? Fine. Where’s the line? I’m sure there’s a line.

You can pre-order a case of Fallout Beer on Amazon, but there’s a catch – it’s Amazon UK. According to the product description, “Fallout beer has been brewed using a unique blend of malted barleys combined with selected hops, to produce a light coloured lager with a fruity aroma and a crisp bitter finish.”

While it’s not available for delivery outside the UK, it’s still the first of its kind, and I like where this is going. As the gaming generation is growing up, Mountain Dew is starting to lose its luster – beer makes much better “gamer fuel.” More things like this, please!


Gaming, AleHorns, and beer – the perfect weekend crew.

What you CAN get on Amazon is the game itself. You can also get some Carlsburg and draw a Fallout label on it and pretend it’s Fallout Beer. Enjoy your cool gamer beer, Brits.

Which brewery would be the best one for Bethesda to team up with for a similar North American promo? Tell us in the comments!

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