New Natural Drinking Horn – Up to $25 off – Coupons Inside :)

New Natural Drinking Horn – Up to $25 off – Coupons Inside :)

tl;dr – We made a new natural drinking horn.  Coupons at the bottom.

Why make a new natural drinking horn?

Over the last few months we have received a lot of new customer feedback.  Mostly good (thanks!) and and some suggestions on how to do better.

One of the suggestions that was brought up more than once, and seemed to stand out, was the the idea of a new “natural” drinking horn. Customers wondered if it was possible to make a drinking horn, similar to the ones we already make, but with a more textured and lifelike exterior.

Of course, they still wanted the interior to be polished and sealed, but the exterior was to be more akin to the our “Game of Thrones” mugs that have been so popular.  Not completely unfinished, but with texture and dimension, and with visible scrapes and scars from the horns previous incarnation.  We loved the idea and there was nothing like that on the market.  Us, being the opportunist we are, thought it would be a good idea to try it out.

The 1st batch of Natural Drinking Horns – all lined up.

More “Natural” products on the way

During the process of creating the new natural drinking horn, we found that there were a number of items that could benefit from this new natural “treatment.” The idea of having a more natural exterior seemed so obvious, but for some reason had not been done en mass. So we decided to change that.

Cups, plates, bowls, etc are all in the works.  We’ve even created a new category for this stuff – Feastware.  Not for the average household, these are designed to bring out the rustic feel of a mead hall.  Some of the products are still under development (creating a large flat plate with consistent dimensions has proven difficult) so check back often.

Eventually, we would like to offer polished and natural variants of all of our products.

Anyway, now to the good stuff.  We want to give you guys a chance to try these out at a discount.  Below are two coupon codes that can be redeemed here on AleHorn.  The 1st is for $15 off a 12″ and the 2nd is $25 off a 20″.

This will only be valid for the 1st 15 customers each so act quickly.  

We will be doing another follow up promo to help boost awareness on Amazon shortly after, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter (footer and sidebar of this page) and Facebook so you know when that’s going down.

Coupon Codes

As always feedback is appreciated.  If you order one of these, please send us your thoughts via the contact form on the contact us page. Skål!

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New Natural Drinking Horn – Up to $25 off – Coupons Inside :)