New Massive ‘Gjallarhorn’ Sounding Horn for the Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings couldn’t very well play in a brand new stadium without also creating a brand new Gjallarhorn, which is the official replacement of the horn that shattered in the cold last year. The new Sounding Horn is hung high from the ceiling, and in keeping with tradition, will welcome the Vikings onto the field for each home game. In Norse Mythology, the Gjallarhorn, which translates to “yelling horn” or “sounding horn” in old Norse, was blown by Heimdallr to announce the coming of Ragnarök.


The previous horn shattered during last January’s Wild Card game against the Seahawks due to very cold weather, at which point a backup horn was brought out – the original horn not used since 2009. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done – the Vikings went on to suffer a brutal loss that day.

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There’s no denying the new horn is worthy of the brand new US Bank Stadium, which hosted its first game (and first win) this past Sunday against the Chargers. Hoisted high in the air as if calling from Valhalla, the new horn’s tip and rim are gilded and covered in ornate decoration.

The previous Gjallarhorn, which shattered last January in the cold


The brand new horn, ready to sound in a new era

The very first honorary Viking to sound the horn for this past Sunday’s preseason game was US Olympic gold medalist David Plummer, who previously swam for the University of Minnesota.

Since the Vikings beat the Chargers and is, uh – charging headlong into a season with the strength of Thor, clearly the new horn pleases the gods. And to think, no one even had to give up any eyes or ears!

Want a Gjallarhorn of your very own? Grab one here.

Images via Minnesota Vikings.

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  • Kris Wolf

    How do they choose who gets to blow the horn? And can I get my sister to do it.

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New Massive ‘Gjallarhorn’ Sounding Horn for the Minnesota Vikings