Much quicker engraving is here! Now!

Welcome to a new era of AleHorn engraving. Before a few weeks ago, our production times were 2-3 weeks, and for a minute there I was quoting some of you guys FOUR WEEKS for engraving. The summer was nuts. In a good way, but nuts.

So nuts, in fact, that we did something a little nuts in return and hired Lance, one of our wonderful engravers, full time. Do you know what this means? DO YOU?

We can now complete engraving orders in 3-5 days.

Seriously! Sometimes even faster. Sometimes Lance is so fast at burning through his order queue that he ships stuff out the same day the order comes in. With shipping included, that means your order should arrive within 7-10 days of ordering. (We also have expedited shipping available if you’re in a really big hurry.)

That’s not to say he’s going so fast his horns aren’t as insanely gorgeous as they always are. He can just do MORE!

Lance at his desk



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To give Lance a nice cozy spot to make all of your beautiful horns, we also got our selves a new modest engraving studio complete with warehouse to help keep things moving along. We now have a full time engraver that will do nothing but…well…ENGRAVE! It’s like Christmas! Speaking of which…

Krampus says: “You know what happens to bad boys and girls who fail to order their horns early!”

Beware – the holidays are coming

I know its too early for this, but now that we have the good news out of the way, we need to tackle why Lance’s upgrade to full time is right on time.

Last year at Christmas we had two engravers working part time on holiday orders, but we fell behind (as is to be expected with an influx of demand) and had to stop taking Christmas engraving orders around December 5th.

This year, we should be good to go all the way up until the 20th or so for engraved (and the 22nd for plain horns with expedited shipping) and still be good little Santas with gifts delivered by Christmas.

“…Should be!”

Just to be on the safe side, we really wanted to give you guys a heads up that the rush is coming. If you were planning on giving AleHorns as gifts this year (or put them on your list, like always), now is the time to order.  Wait too long and we get all crazy and busy and who knows what will happen. (Probably nothing, but better safe than sorry!)

That’s not to say we don’t have time for you. If you have an issue with an order or if you need us to help you make a Christmas miracle happen, reach out.

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Much quicker engraving is here! Now!