LARPing is Better with Ale– and Horns

LARPing is Better with Ale– and Horns

LARPing is short for live-action roleplaying.

Just kidding. If you’ve clicked on this article, try and tell me you don’t know what LARPing is. You know about the fun, the companionship, the feats and trials, and the in-jokes:

Well, we here at AleHorn have always been big fans of LARPing. It fits in with our historical, nerdy lives. After all, what’s better than getting to wear historically-accurate or fantasy clothing? Getting to beat up friends while dressed in said-clothing. What could be better than ditching the pen and paper of Dungeons and Dragons and acting it out while camping with all your nearest and dearest? Whether you’re a life-long member of the Rising Winds (shoutout to my bud, Kai Darkjester Clayd), playing Vampire The Masquerade in the park after class is out for the day, or you just recently went to a Ren Faire and decided the only thing that could make it better would be beating up your friends with foam weapons, you and your clank folk need something both stylish and practical to drink your libations from– whether those libations are ale, oolong, water (stay hydrated!) or the Monster flavor of your choice.

Alehorns are particularly important and useful for the world of LARPing for one, big reason: tavern. As you probably know (or can at least infer), tavern isn’t just where you get your snacks and hydration. It’s where you chat, make friends with people you’ve never met before, and show off your gear and your work. While most people won’t tease you for having an Evian water bottle or other anachronistic items (you heathen you!), a horn will go a long way as both a period-appropriate piece and a conversation starter.

One thing that we here at AleHorn really, really love about our LARPer customers is that when they ask us to engrave their alehorns, they really go all out. They’re the cream of the crop when it comes to creative. Whether it’s their persona names, their heraldry and coats of arms, or even their well-earned titles of valor and glory. Each one has a story behind it, each one is important, and most of all, each one is boss as fuck.

We want to hear the stories behind your titles, your personas, and your heraldry. Share them with us on social media or in the comments below. If you have an engraved AleHorn or other photos, that’s all the better! Share them and we’ll share them with the world on our social media.

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LARPing is Better with Ale– and Horns