Khal Drogo’s Game of Thrones Audition Was a Performance of the Haka

If there were one character you could resurrect on Game of Thrones, who would it be? If you said Khal Drogo – you deserve a drink. Can you imagine what things would be like if he were still around? Seriously – what a badass. Know what makes him even more badass? He performed the haka for his Game of Thrones audition.

Traditionally the haka is performed as a war cry or challenge to the enemy, and it’s easy to see why – it proclaims the Maori’s strength and prowess, as well as its unity. It’s also performed as a sign of great respect, and is sometimes at funerals or ceremonies.

Khal Drogo’s Game of Thrones Audition

In the case of Jason Momoa’s Game of Thrones audition, he performed the dance in order to channel the great warrior spirit of Khal Drogo, which turned out to be the perfect choice.

Even though he was only on Game of Thrones for one season, his fierce performance has propelled him onward into projects like the upcoming Aquaman.

What’s the Haka?

If you’re unfamiliar with the haka, it’s a traditional dance performed by New Zealand’s Maori people. It’s aggressive, emotionally charged, and makes anyone watching understand without a doubt that the Maori are not to be messed with.

Check out this Maori haka group performing the traditional dance:

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Khal Drogo’s Game of Thrones Audition Was a Performance of the Haka