How to Make Game of Thrones Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here, which means one thing – the Game of Thrones premier is nigh! It’s so close, guys – just wait another month. You can do it. In the meantime, do what I do, and try to figure out how to Games-of-Thronesify everything you do! Easter provides the perfect opportunity to make some dragon eggs of your very own.

Dany’s Pushpin Dragon Eggs

There are a few ways to make Game of Thrones Easter Eggs out of thumbtacks. You can pull off the stems with pliers and hot glue gun them onto hardboiled eggs (or the shells that are left after blowing the yolks and gunk out, which I’ve never successfully been able to do), or you can make a paper mache egg using a balloon, cornstarch paste, and newspaper.


You can really use anything egg shaped, including those foam eggs from the craft store, which you can push the pins straight into, skipping the pliers step. You could use the brass pin color as is, but painting the pushpins with spraypaint or scoring thumbtacks that are already colored would kick this craft up a million notches.

Traditional Dyed Dragon Eggs

To make the dragon eggs shown above from, you’ll want to hardboil your eggs, dye them like always, and then paint on food coloring that’s just a shade darker than the color you dyed your eggs in a lizardy pattern as shown.

Hatching Dragon Eggs

If you’re like me your friends have been sharing the crap out of this Pinterest pin this year, but just in case you miss it, you can hard boil an egg, crack the shell (but leave it on), and boil the egg again in colored water to make it all veiny and dragony. Cool! But let’s cool it on the pinning, people.

Fancier Game of Thrones Easter Eggs

Think you’re fancy? Alright, try this: paint on house sigils, or combine decoupaged paper and paint to make stunning house sigil eggs that are entirely too pretty to break open.

The Fanciest Dragon Egg of All

Just so you can have bigger and better dragon egg dreams and schemes for next year, check out this 33 pound dragon egg made of real chocolate. No hollow chocolate disappointments here, it’s solid all the way through!

Are you gonna Thrones up your Easter? Tell us all about it! And remember, friends don’t let friends eat Easter dinner without a full AleHorn.

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How to Make Game of Thrones Easter Eggs