Holiday Gift Guide for Mead Makers and Brewers

Holiday Gift Guide for Mead Makers and Brewers

Got a brewer in your life? What about a mead maker? What about a wannabe-mead maker? Sure, you could always get them a new carboy or some piping. But if you want to really get their goat this holiday and you’re unsure of what to get them, we have some ideas.

5. A Traditional Scottish Quiatch


We just got these beautiful, horn quiatches in and honestly? I’m obsessed. What better way to represent your friendship with someone of the brew than with the true friendship cup? And what better way to do it with someone who has provided you so often with delicious mead? This thoughtful gift is made from 100% bovine horn, making it a real centerpiece.

4. Carboy Clamp

SO HELPFUL! …And inexpensive.

This is the cheapest option on the list, but honestly, it’s the most helpful. It’s the one we didn’t know we needed until recently, and it’s made our brewing lives so much easier. This clamp will help keep your auto-siphon steady while you rack or bottle your brew. If you have a brewer friend you wanna buy for, but money’s tight, consider this helpful, little tool that often gets over-looked.

3. Horn Shotglasses

Stick with me here: obviously, shot glasses are good for shots. But you know what else they’re good for? Sampling.

If you’re having friends over and you don’t want to get them too knockered to even taste later batches, a shotglass is the perfect size. But if you want it to be truly authentic (and you know, mead makers do!), horn is the way to go. Grab you friend a couple of these (or even just one!) so they can share their wonderful creations with their friends– like you.

2. A Winecooler

Wine cooler makes your mead feel special, because it is!

My dad bought my brewer fiance and I our first winecooler for Christmas a couple years ago, and we have never received a more helpful gift. Because frankly? We could keep our wine in our regular fridge. But how much more awesome is it to have it in the brewcave with all of our carboys? And if your brewer is looking to give the gift of booze themselves, they don’t have to worry about throwing a couple bottles in their fridge before they go out– they’ll have some on hand, cold, and ready to be enjoyed.

While these do run a little more expensive than your casual gifts, they’re sure to last many, many years if you select carefully. Read reviews before you decide which will be best for your gift-reciever– and your wallet.

1. An Alehorn with their logo

Every homebrewer dreams of the day they will open their own brewery or meadery. Half the fun of that daydream is deciding what the name and logo for that company will be. What truly describes who you are as a brewer and as a person?


If your brewer has something in mind, or even if they don’t, a personal, engraved alehorn is the way to go. If you don’t have any ideas, consider a friendly chat with them where you dare them to daydream the brewery of their dreams. If those dreams ever become a reality (and we really, really hope they do!), you can be sure this personal, touching gift will be on display for all patrons to see.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Mead Makers and Brewers