Groennfell Meadery is Having Too Much Fun

Groennfell Meadery is Having Too Much Fun

Ricky the Meadmaker at the Groennfell Midwinter Fest

Groennfell Meadery treats meadmaking less like a business and more like a community, which is how more things should be. The Vermont meadery throws seasonal parties, has a wonderful tasting room that welcomes visitors from all over, and produces a hilarious weekly podcast called Ask the Meadmaker.

They also promote and partner up with other local and national meaderies in order to build up the industry as a whole, all in the spirit of “friends, family, and adventure.”

The name Groennfell came from the Old Norse Groenn Fell, meaning ‘green mountain,’ which was chosen because Vermont is ‘green mountain’ in French.

Their mead come in five different varieties, which are all made from single source, cold processed honey and end up dry and smooth with light carbonation.

What makes our mead special is our community of Meadiacs: the devoted mead drinkers who share our beverage with friends and help spread the good word. – Groennfell Meadery

A lot of Groennfell’s uniqueness comes from their meadmaker Ricky, who hosts seasonal parties like the Midwinter Fest, where he  becomes Father Christmas incarnate and doles out “a free hog roast, live music, a bonfire, and copious mead” to all of Groenfell’s guests – free of charge.

Ricky is also the charismatic host of the podcast and YouTube show Ask the Meadmaker, where home meadmakers can send in mead related questions for Ricky to answer. Check out our favorite episode below, then watch the rest on their YouTube channel.

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Groennfell Meadery is Having Too Much Fun