GOT Season 8, Episode 2: Arya Ready for This Battle?

Let's drink some milk from our GOT drinking horns and chat about our final few hours. This week's predictions are mostly going to be a will-they-won't they of death for next episode's Battle of Winterfell. Let's break it down and see how things lie.

Thanks for the s/o, Tormund!
Tormund gave us a shot of a beautiful drinking horn, a delightful story about suckling at a giant's teat, and some truly awful drinking sounds. But hey, thanks for the shout out, you nasty wildling, you.

She never wanted to leave
The song that Podrick sings refers to Jenny of Oldstones, who is a big enigma in the books. The fact that he sings it during this pivotal scene was done by no accident. Jenny was a woman descended from the First Men, and she was good friends with a  dwarf woman who was either a witch or a Child of the Forest, or very likely both.

Jenny was in love with Duncan Targaryen, the son of Aegon Targaryen (also known as Egg). He was named after Sir Duncan the Tall, Egg's best friend and the Commander of the King's Guard at the time. The tales of these two long before Jenny comes into the picture are in the short story series, Dunk and Egg. Duncan and Jenny are among the casualties at the Tragedy of Summerhall, where King Aegon tried to revive some ancient dragon eggs. 

We get only a little bit about Jenny's story in the books, and mostly from a character called The Ghost of High Heart, who is very likely the witch mentioned above. The Ghost meets Arya and requests that she sing Jenny of Oldstones for, 'my Jenny.' She also tells Arya that, "I gorged on grief at Summerhall. I need none of yours."

It's theorized that Rhaegar wrote the song Jenny of Oldstones. He was obsessed with Summerhall. In fact, he was born there, the very day that the Tragedy occurred. In the following scene, Dany tells Jon that her brother, Rhaegar, was a singer.

Why could this song not be more important? Duncan the Small gave up his claim to the Iron Throne to wed Jenny of Oldstones, who was common. Jon hates being in charge. It's really only ever gotten him killed or hated. If he marries Dany, he might give up his claim to the throne, but grant Dany the power and love of The North.

There's that dog
Ghost has been gone for like, two seasons, and now he's back? Ok, showrunners. Whatever. I guess we'll save our Starks-loving-on-the-one-of-two-remaining-direwolves for our fanfiction. Speaking of, do you think of Winterfell falls and whoever remains retreats south, they will run into Nymeria? Old gods, I hope so. #justicefordirewolves #wherearemypuppies

The crypts are NOT the safest place in Winterfell
Notice how many times people said that the crypts are the safest place in Winterfell? It felt like the very definition of laying it on thick. RIP

Where is the Night King?
He was not spotted in the line of White Walkers outside of Winterfell. Is he riding the wight dragon, Viserion? Probably. Is he coming for Bran? Obviously. When we see him next week, it's going to be bad news.

Did anyone else feel like this episode was just giving us some closure before everyone dies next Sunday? Every scene felt like 50% of the characters weren't going to make it through. Here's what I think:

Beric's Done-darrion for - He sat down and had a chitchat with the Hound, who has an important fate in Cleganebowl (get hype?). And since Gregor is nowhere to be seen

Theon will fall OR Theon and Sansa will hold Winterfell - Just because they are acting tenderly for one another doesn't mean that they are going to live happily ever after together. Sansa and Theon have so much in common, in particular, their feelings of betraying their family and their trauma from torture and rape. Theon seems to have a destiny in saving Bran, or dying to defend him.

Gendry will fall - I'm really torn on this one, but I also feel like his sex scene with Arya was a little gratuitous. I think the writers wanted to drive home the point that they DID bone, so if Arya shows up with a Baratheon/Stark baby, people won't question it.


The Starks will rise to defend Winterfell. - The old, dead Starks, I mean. Benjen was saved by the Children of the Forest, but it has always seemed like there was a reason the Starks were left as the wardens of the North. Maybe they have some kind of magic that helps them?

Winterfell will fall - and everyone will retreat to King's Landing.

Brienne is so dead - she's finally a Ser. She's got Jamie, and is even desired by another man (who would treat her real nice, I have absolutely no doubt.) But Will she make it out of the battle? I don't think so.

Bran will not make it - That's why they had Tyrion chat with him, so that he could get the important things he knows out before the end. Like Jojen, it's almost certain that Bran knows the time of his death and is prepared to meet it.

Jon will warg a dragon - it's probably just wishful thinking. Or maybe Bran will after he 'dies.'

What do YOU think we have in store this season? Share with us in the comments below or on social media! And don't forget about our GOT drinking horn giveaway, happening after each episode!


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