GOT S7 Ep. 2 Questions – Betrayal, Suffering, and Ravens

Hey fellow Game of Thrones fans! It’s been one long summer, but now winter is here and I couldn’t be more ready. The chess pieces are set and now we’re ready to play. For those of you playing along at home, I’m 2/3 on predictions so far (if we’re being generous about that whole Greyscale thing…), but there’s still plenty of time left this season to murder precious and beloved pop stars.

I’d like to use this space to speculate on some things for the upcoming season. I hope you’ll join me and comment below or on Facebook with your own speculations.


1. Is Sansa going to betray Jon?

Oh Old Gods, have I ever wished for something to be less true?

But something is up with our girl, Sansa. I had hope last episode when she laid down the dopest shade on Littlefinger. But his little smile when Jon left Winterfell in her hands made me nauseous. Let’s be real– there will be nothing more poetic than Sansa murdering the fuck out of Littlefinger. But there’s something frightening about her this season. Our wanna-be Disney princess hasn’t been around for some time. But now she’s reaching levels of Cersei scary. Let’s just hope she has her former husband Tyrion’s smarts, though. Remember, Sansa: when the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

Dolorous Edd

2. Where the cluck are the Wall’s ravens?

So, stick with me for a second: Jon Snow got Tyrion’s corvid-based email IMMEDIATELY But Dolorous Edd hasn’t bothered to send Jon a Snapchat and let him know his long-dead brother has showed up at the Wall? Like, I bet Hot Pie knows where Bran is. That dude seems to know everything. But either we have our dates mixed up or…

I guess half of these questions this season are just going to be me pondering about animals. But what the heck, Edd? Here, stay with me for a moment because I can only see a couple scenarios here:

a. Bran asked Edd to stay quiet. The only kerfuffle I could see with this one is… why? Why would Bran want to hide this info? He knows Jon’s true parentage and he probably needs to get him that info ASAP. Short of doing his tree magic and tell Jon ten years ago, there’s not much of a reason to hide this.

b. There are no more ravens at the wall. Things are pretty dire up there. It could be a fair bet that there just aren’t any ravens available to take the news but– oh, for fuck’s sake, send a rider, Edd! Jon needs to know!

Jorah afflicted by greyscale.

3. Is Jorah really going to be OK?

Oh, I so doubt it. On the big list of things that I have predicted throughout my decade or so of ASOIAF fandomhood, this is one I’m not really willing to waver on. Jorah’s going to die for Dany. For a while, things were looking a little bleak. And while we ended last season with a true lesson in, “Anyone can die,” (RIP my beautiful Tyrell babies), I was really pretty nervous he wouldn’t be coming back, cured and whole.

But Samwell Fookin’ Tarly is on the case! And even if his cure isn’t magic related but… ugh. Goddamn. That cure seems rough. I am a big baby and had my hand in front of my face for much of it, but dang. If Jorah’s going to survive this, he’s not coming back a whole man. Likely, he’s coming back to live a very, very painful existence and then die nobly before his Khaleesi, doing something to redeem all the horrible things he’s done with his life. He deserves nothing less. One thing we are constantly reminded of (especially in this episode, thanks to Professor Slughorn): Jorah is a knight and he deserves a good death. It would be a good death for Jorah, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to hurt.

Yara being held by Euron.

4. What’s going on, Theon?

Did Theon’s betrayal of Yara make you sad this week? Don’t let it. Theon is still an immensely complex character and my dude is dealing with some real trauma after being Ramsey Bolton’s buddy for so long. He knew he wasn’t going to win against Euron, so he did the one thing he could– he swam away to fight another day. I don’t think this is the end of he and Yara’s relationship. He could still very well come back and save her. But never forget that Theon has a LOT of redemption to get through– and that fate probably lies northwards.

What say you?

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GOT S7 Ep. 2 Questions – Betrayal, Suffering, and Ravens