GOT S7 Ep. 1 Questions – Where’s My Wolf?

Hey fellow Game of Thrones fans! It’s been one long summer, but now winter is here and I couldn’t be more ready. This season’s premiere was ultra-special for you book readers out there, since it is the first season where we know absolutely NOTHING going in.

I’d like to use this space to speculate on some things for the upcoming season. I hope you’ll join me and comment below or on Facebook with your own speculations. Let’s start with the most important question, shall we?


Where the Nymeria is My Wolf?

Arya’s wolf Nymeria

Gosh, Arya sure has spent a lot of time in the Riverlands throughout the course of this show. Remember the first time we saw her, playing with Micah the butcher’s boy, and Nymeria, her wolf? That was a good time– until Sansa and Joffery ruined it and Nymeria had to run away. But where did she go?

The book has given us some answers on this that the show has tragically left behind. In fact, long after Arya leaves the Riverlands for Braavos, we hear rumors of a massive shewolf marauding the countryside, eating the everliving shit out of Lannister faces. This she-wolf has gathered other, smaller, starving wolves around her in an epic show of force. Naturally, book fans have been waiting for over a decade to see Arya reunited with her very good puppy. But perhaps show-viewers don’t have to wait so long.


Samwell Tarly

Will Samwell Tarly cure greyscale?

Ok, this one might be a little weird, but bear with me. This episode, we learned that Dragonstone, the ancestral castle of the Targaryeans is sitting on a literal fuck ton of dragon glass. Which kills White Walkers. Cool, right? Sam figured that one out like the little smarty that he is, but he also had another meaningful interaction this episode (and it wasn’t with poop).

That’s right. He ran into my boy, Jorah Mormont.

What the crap does this have to with Sam and Dragonstone? Hold your dragons.

Jorah Mormont showing his Greyscale disease

Remember who held Dragonstone before Dany came back? There was a helpful reminder when the girl herself tore down a banner– it was Stannis the Mannis! Whose daughter had greyscale, but it never progressed beyond that small patch on her face.

Here’s where it gets cracky, so please take out your tinfoil: could it be that along with all the other good shit dragon glass does, it also stops greyscale from progressing? Could be. Either way, you know the second he finds out that his queen is in Westeros, Jorah is going to fly to her side.


Will Ed Sheeran die?

There were a lot of complaints about the pop star popping up in this week’s episode. I was prepared to be full of hatred– I can’t stand celebrity appearances, especially the cheeky nudge-nudge-wink-wink ones. But overall, I was pleased. Eddie sang a beautiful rendition of Tyrion’s song, and then was shunted out of the scene for the rest of it. They used him for his talent, and then said, “Nah, you just sit here and let Maisie Williams ogle you.”

The true stars of that scene were Sheeran’s Lannister friends, who showed the human side of the Lannisters. Remember, we may hate Cersei and want her dead. But the armies she’s controlling? They are made up of men that have families and homes and people who love them, and they’ve been stuck in this war just as long as the rest of us. Life is pretty fucking dismal for peasants in Westeros, but this showed us the fine line for Arya: she’s willing to butcher a hundred Freys who worked to kill her family. But she realizes that the people who work for these house heads are just people who want to go home.

Ed Sheeran

That being said, this is a dangerous space for Arya to be in. She’s with a group of young men who belong to her family’s most dreaded enemies. And a lone woman in the company of men is never safe in Westeros. I was personally on the edge of my seat for the whole scene, waiting for someone to imply rape, or for that wine to be drugged, or SOMETHING. Not that my girl Arya can’t handle herself. But hey, what a nice, tender scene– especially for Maisie Williams, who is a big Sheeran fan.

I doubt we’re going to see Ed and his friends again this coming Sunday. Arya has much more important things to do. But if we do, it’s probably going to be bad news. I can see things running afoul. Will Nymeria bite off Ed Sheeran’s face when she senses her girl is in trouble? Probably not. But if it does happen, you heard it here first.

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GOT S7 Ep. 1 Questions – Where’s My Wolf?