Game of Thrones’ Win at The Emmy Awards

Let’s talk about the Emmy awards that went down on Sunday. This year not only saw Game of Thrones bring home more awards than it had ever had but it also broke a record for the most awards won by a series ever. It bagged twelve awards, four at the Emmys and eight at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Not many know about the others because they focus on the more technical aspect and background of film but that’s what we’ll do for you tell you all about the win that went down on Sunday. So first here’s a list of the awards it won:


Outstanding Drama Series – Game of Thrones.

Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series –Game of Thrones.

Outstanding Make up for a Single-Camera series – Mother’s Mercy – For the forgetful it’s the final episode of season five.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a drama series – Peter Dinklage.

Outstanding single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series. Game of Thrones  episode nine – The Dance of Dragons – which ended with the Sons of Harpy attacking Daenerys Targaryen only for her to be saved by the dragon Drogon.

Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary or Fantasy Program – Game of Thrones episode three – High Sparrow – where Cersei first meets the High Sparrow in retrospect the one day she should have stayed home instead.

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series – Game of Thrones episode ten – Mothers Mercy. The unforgettable Finale that marks the death of Stanis as well as Cersei’s daughter and possibly Jon Snow.

Outstanding Sound editing for a Series – Game of Thrones episode eight – Hardhome – where Jon Snow goes to the Wildling camp located in Hardhome and convinces them to leave just before they are attacked by the wights with the wight king.

Outstanding sound mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series – Game of thrones episode eight – Hardhome.

Outstanding Writing For a Drama Series – Game of Thrones episode ten -Mother’s Mercy.

Outstanding Special Visual effects – Game of Thrones episode nine, The Dance of Dragons

Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series or Movie – Game of Thrones

From the awards it’s clear that Peter Dinklage is one of the standout characters of the show and hopefully GRRM will not have his way with him. Most of the awards were in the technical field showing that in spite GoT’s great plot its actors are not yet there. Veep in comparison was the trailblazer in the individual categories of the awards winning the outstanding lead actress in a comedy series and outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series. It’s still one of the most watched shows of the year, top fifty overall and top ten for adults aged 18 – 49. Hopefully next year Jon Snow might return and they win fourteen Emmys.

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Game of Thrones’ Win at The Emmy Awards