Game of Thrones Title Sequence Kings Landing, Gingerbread Style

The opening credit sequence of Game of Thrones is brilliant. So are gingerbread houses. So is Michelle Wibowo, who brought them both together into a festive holiday creation that is 100% too gorgeous and creative to eat (ok, maybe 99% – and ok, maybe “festive” isn’t a word that should ever describe King’s Landing).

Michelle Wibowo is a sugar artist and cake designer whose creations range from portraits of Prince William and Prince George to a Van Gogh painting made from 10,000 jelly beans. Now, she’s showing up all of our graham cracker and strawberry cream cheese gingerbread houses with an amazing overhead stylistic shot of King’s Landing from the Game of Thrones credit sequence. Cool, now the theme song’s stuck in my head. Guess I’ll just have to go rewatch Season 5 again…

When King’s Landing is this tiny and delicous, it’s almost easy to forget all of the horrible debauchery that happens there – almost. Wibowo made the piece for Taste of London, a food celebration that took place at the end of November. She used cookies baked in the shape of circles, rectangles, cogs, and variations thereof to build her magnificent city, complete with dragon pit.

The piece was commissioned by HBO as part of its “Taste of HBO” section of the Taste of London event, which also featured food and drink inspired by HBO’s TV lineup. Among the food and drinks served was the highly limited and fairly enigmatic Winter Wild Beer by Wild Beer Co. Anyone get to try this beer? Tell us how it was!

Anyway, I’ll be adding the Game of Thrones cities to my gingerbread house inspiration list.

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Game of Thrones Title Sequence Kings Landing, Gingerbread Style