Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 6: Bittersweet

Many, many years ago when I first became obsessed with Game of Thrones... long before the TV show had been written... long before the fifth book was even a twinkle in George R.R. Martin's eye... long before we even knew there would BE a game of thrones finale... long before Frey pies, dead dragons, and the revelation of the Night King... I remember an interview where GRRM was asked what the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire would be like.

And he said one word: bittersweet.

He's repeated this over and over again many times throughout the years, to a growing audience of book readers and show watchers alike. Is that how you're feeling tonight? Because it's how I'm feeling.

game of thrones finale

Don't get me wrong. Bittersweet doesn't mean every problem is solved. It doesn't mean that we're happy with every single little thing the showrunners chose to do. But it means things are tied up in a way that we no longer need to follow our main characters around anymore. Frodo goes into the West to recover from his mortal and mental wounds. Harry Potter and his remaining friends bury the dead and consign themselves to a quiet life. Luke Skywalker plans to seek out others powerful in the force, now that the galaxy is at peace.

Let's break down the final episode and bid farewell to the show that has delighted, humored, and hurt us so, so many times over the past decade.

She Had To Go

Thus, we come to the end of the Targaryens. As Aegon the Conqueror made the Iron Throne, so it was destroyed with the death of the final card-carrying Targaryen. 

game of thrones finale

Do you think her death was deserved? I do. But I also think the assassination of her character in the story was a little abrupt. I hope that if this is the same way that things trend in the books, we will get more of an explanation.

Daenerys, first of her name... you know the rest, was put to rest by her only surviving son, Drogon. A memorial fund in her name has been set up for the Burn Victims of King's Landing. Please donate in lieu of flowers and dragon eggs.

Anyway, that shot of her with the dragon wings was bitchin'.

Grey Worm, I Hope You Find Peace

Grey Worm, I feel, has perhaps the saddest story in all of Westeros. He transformed from someone who was undoubtedly abused and tortured throughout childhood, to someone who was learning to love thanks to Messandei, and then into a monster who took out his pain in the one way she would not have wanted him to. I hope that he goes to Naarth and finds peace.

First of His Name

I... didn't see that coming at all. I would have guessed that Bran no longer had much of a role to play. Perhaps as an advisor to whoever wound up in the Iron Throne/newly to be installed chair. Do you think he will be able to Three-Eyed Raven whoever should come next as ruler? Will all the stories of the land be able to be passed down to others? I hope so. I'll take a Giver/ASOIAF crossover, please.

game of thrones finale

Also, props to my fiance for saying, "They melted the Iron Throne so they had to find someone with their own chair!" 

The North is Free

Sansa has come to rule the North... and we have our long-awaited shout of, "Queen in the Norf!" I think she will be an excellent ruler. And I think she'll be relieved that North folk are a lot less shady in their fuckery than people further south.

game of thrones finale


Hand of the King

It was the role that Tyrion was born to play. I mean, that's why we make a bottle opener with the Hand of the King pin on it, right? Pretty bold of him to come out with, "I don't want it," after he just told Bran that not wanting it was what made him the perfect King, right?

ARR-ya Stark

I'm going to watch the Arya show when it comes out. What, it hasn't been greenlit? It's not on the docket? WRONG. Give it to me. Take her to Southeros and Northeros, Uperos, Downuros, and all the others. And all the other places in this world that we have not yet explored. I need an all Arya, all ass-kicking show to get me over this.

game of thrones finale

The Little Bits from the Game of Thrones Finale

- Robin Arryn was so big! And so handsome! He seems to be chilling out under Royce's steady hand.
game of thrones finale

- Pod was knighted! 
- LOL Edmure, have a seat bud
- Brienne finishing Jamie's story for him as the Head of the King's Guard was the very definition of bittersweet. 
game of thrones finale
- Jon keeps asking Arya if she has Needle. Yeah, dude, she has it. She's always had it. That's, like, literally a plot point in her story arc.
- Cersei and Jamie looked pretty good for being crushed by rocks.
- I happen to think dogs should vote.
- Thank GOD Samwell didn't invent democracy. Look, I love my right to vote as much as the next, but this is not a world that is ready for democracy. And also, I hate the jerk-off that so often happens in medieval/fantasy stories where someone invents democracy and it's the best thing ever. 
game of thrones
- There were so many callbacks to the first episode. I know that's just me falling into the nostalgia trap, but it felt good to remember how far we have come.
- Sickest Small Council ever. Although how long until everyone gets tired of Bronn?
game of thrones finale

And finally...


Do you think they reshot that after all the complaints? Or do you think, "It was too hard to do the CGI!" was all bullcrap all along? That's what I'm thinking. And it doesn't really look like Jon has any plans to stay at (what little remains of) Castle Black. Is he going to lead the wildlings? Not as a king, but as an equal, like Mance Rayder? Maybe he simply belongs in the North, just like direwolves?

game of thrones finale

Anyway, true love was never a queen, Jon Snu. It was a happy puppy all along.

What do you think of the finale? Are you excited to see what HBO does next with the world of Westeros and beyond? What show would you like to see spin-off from this series?

And finally, whether you liked the finale or not, we can engrave anything you want on one of our drinking horns. Declare your allegiance to the true king or queen of Westeros, celebrate your favorite win, or tell the showrunners to go pound sand in a classy and elegant way. Check out our custom horn engraver, here.


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